Danfoss to Reduce Carbon Footprint with New Onsite Solar Park

The park features Danfoss FLX Series inverters and is expected to reduce the company's CO2 emissions

Earlier this month, Danfoss inaugurated a new 2.1-MW solar park next to its corporate headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark. Installation of the solar park began in October 2013 as part of Danfoss' plan to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25 percent and increase its use of renewable energy by 25 percent by 2025.

"Every day, our products contribute to customers obtaining significantly improved energy efficiency – but we also are focusing on our own energy consumption," remarked Danfoss CEO Niels B. Christiansen during the solar park's inaugural ceremony.

The Danfoss Solar Park features 9,200 solar panels in more than 322,000 square feet – the size of approximately five to six soccer fields, and can generate 2 million kWh annually for the company's factories in Nordborg. The solar panels are connected to 128 Danfoss FLX Pro inverters, which were released for sale to wholesale customers in January.

The Danfoss FLX Pro inverter is a three-phase transformer-less string inverter that meets international standards, language requirements, and grid codes. The FLX is flexible and can be designed for complex residential installations as well as giant power plants. Fast, easy commissioning is possible through webserver access and real-time, integrated monitoring via PC or the Danfoss SolarApp™. The inverters are 98 percent efficient and range in capacity from 5 to 17 kW.

"The solar park in Nordborg is representative of Danfoss' commitment to not only helping our customers improve their energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy, but also to ensuring our business is sustainable and responsible," said Jonathan Baer, Head of U.S. Solar Inverters, Danfoss. "The park demonstrates our capabilities in solar PV, while showcasing our belief in solar PV as an energy source of the future."

Danfoss Solar Inverters in the U.S.

With more than 40 years of engineering expertise in power electronics and a global reputation for innovation in solar inverter technology, Danfoss offers the U.S. market a comprehensive line of solar inverters for the commercial and utility-scale markets, including the QLX central inverter (1 to 1.5 MW) and the MLX wall-mounted inverter (60 kW). It has plans to introduce soon the FLX string inverter (10 to 17 kW) for U.S. applications. In 2012, Danfoss added to its Loves Park, Ill., facility the infrastructure to support the development, testing, and production of its QLX utility-scale central solar inverters.

Today, Danfoss is working with the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA), Inovateus Solar, and Richmond Power and Light to install one Danfoss QLX central inverter at a 1-MW IMPA site near Richmond, Ind. The project is expected to generate 1615 MWh/year of renewable energy for IMPA's members.

Danfoss also is in the process of constructing a 1-MW solar park at its regional headquarters in India.

For more information, please visit www.danfoss.us/solar.

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