Biomass & Bioenergy Fair and AveSui Animal Recycling highlight synergy between commodities markets and renewable energy

Fairs held in conjunction with AveSui 2014 join bioenergy, biomass and animal recycling segments in one place Solutions and technologies to participants between 13 and May 15 in Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil - will be presented .

During the days 13,14 and 15 May, Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil will host discussions involving important issues linked to bioenergy, sustainability and renewable energy. The capital of Santa Catarina host the Biomass & Bioenergy Fair and AveSui Animal Recycling (Feira Biomassa & Bioenergia/AveSui Reciclagem Animal).

Held in conjunction with AveSui 2014, the Biomass & Bioenergy Fair and AveSui Animal Recycling present new business horizons through the synergy of these chains with poultry and pork industry. This synergy creates business opportunities not imagined before.
The leading figures and companies of bioenergy chain may discuss and expose the potential of biomass energy and animal recycling products in conjunction with agricultural production chain - such as poultry and swine - encouraging the growth of these booming sectors in Brazil and worldwide.

For the third consecutive year, the Fair Biomass and Bioenergy and Animal Recycling AveSui gather in a unique place, people interested in new investments, boost their sales and expand solutions to generate clean and renewable energy. Moreover, the events submit technical and market panels - showing the main trends and innovations for clean energy generation for the public.

Biomass & Bioenergy and Animal Recycling Panels
Performed simultaneously with the Biomass & Bioenergy Fair and AveSui Animal Recycling, Biomass & Bioenergy and the Animal Recycling Panels will bring seasoned professionals to important discussions of topical issues, diffusing knowledge among participants and dictating trends set in the context of energy chains.

Join the Biomass & Bioenergy Fair and AveSui Animal Recycling! More information at

Biomass & Bioenergy Fair and AveSui Animal Recycling
Date 13 to May 15, 2014
Location : CentroSul - Convention Center Florianópolis
Avenue Gustavo Richard , s / n - Florianopolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil.
Tel : (+ 55 11) 2118-3133
Email :

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