Solectria Renewables' Stainless Steel Inverters Chosen to Power 750kW Array at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Solectria Renewables is the only inverter manufacturer that offers a stainless steel enclosure for its commercial PV inverters and string combiners.

Lawrence, MA - February 25, 2014 - Solectria Renewables, LLC, a leading U.S. PV inverter manufacturer, announced today that its SMARTGRID Inverters, string combiners and SolrenView web-based monitoring were chosen by World Electric Supply and Miller Electric Company for the 750kW solar array at the Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. World Electric Supply, a leading electrical supply distributor, and an electrical contractor, Miller Electric Company of Jacksonville, FL, chose Solectria Renewables SGI 225 & SGI 500 inverters for this project.

Solectria Renewables is the only inverter manufacturer that offers a stainless steel enclosure for its commercial PV inverters and string combiners. Their stainless steel product lines are best for marine environments, such as Guantanamo Bay or anywhere else close to the sea. In addition to their robust enclosure, the SMARTGRID 225-500 inverters are the most efficient, reliable and customizable commercial inverters in the industry today.

"Solectria Renewables is proud to be the inverter manufacturer for this project, especially being the only one that offers a stainless steel option to the PV market," said Bob Montanaro, Southeast Regional Sales Manager. "We worked hard with World Electric Supply, Miller Electric Company and the naval engineers to provide the best possible solution with our inverters, string combiners and monitoring."

"Solectria Renewables SGI inverters are the best inverters in the market today. We evaluated several inverter manufacturers, but found that Solectria's inverters were the only ones that could withstand marine environments, while providing 99.9%+ uptime. We've worked with other inverters, but Solectria's value proposition outweighs any other," said Lee Tilka, Outside Sales Representative, World Electric Supply.

The 750kW array will be installed in March 2014 and commissioned by the end of June 2014.

To learn more about this project or Solectria Renewables, please visit Solectria Renewables at the COSEIA Solar Power Colorado Conference in Denver, Colorado February 24-26 or at the MiaGreen Expo and Conference in Miami, Florida February 27-28.

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