Bright Spaces Shines Its Green Light on a New Solar Concept

Affordable and accessible utility solar project development program launches in Georgia.

Atlanta, GA March 06, 2014

The Bright Spaces program, launched by solar panel development and installation company Creative Solar USA, brings a unique concept to commercial customers in Georgia. Bright Spaces is a solar development program designed to leverage local utility provider's, such as Georgia Power and Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA), solar energy initiative programs, which allow customers to sell electricity back to the utility providers.

The Bright Spaces team, with more than 20 years of collective experience developing solar projects, makes often challenging and complicated utility solar project development processes more accessible, simple, faster and affordable for customers without putting upward pressure on rates.

"Bright Spaces offers an invaluable service to commercial customers looking to make a solar investment, including determining a viable path for their projects, employing strategies to reduce soft costs and using software tools that enable more accurate quotes," says Russell Seifert, founder of Creative Solar USA. "Bright Spaces furthers Creative Solar USA's commitment to building a cleaner, more sustainable future."

Bright Spaces presents three investment options to own and/or lease land or roof space in a Georgia Power or TVA service area:

Own It

An owner is a solar developer who owns solar panels and develops a solar facility, leasing the land or roof space from a host.

Host It

A host is a property owner who "hosts" solar panels, leasing the land or roof space to a solar developer ("owner").

Own & Host It

An owner and host (the same person) is a property owner who owns solar panels and develops a solar facility on their own land or roof space.

At the end of March, Georgia Power will again accept applications for its Advanced Solar Initiative program. Interested parties should act now to begin an application with Bright Spaces.

About Bright Spaces
Bright Spaces is a solar development program by Creative Solar USA's renewable energy professionals designed to leverage local utility programs and educate stakeholders, streamline processes and reduce soft costs for utility solar project development. We use the best practices of the Department of Energy's (DOE) SunShot Initiative to make utility solar project development more accessible and affordable for customers without putting upward pressure on rates. For more information, please call 770.485.7438 or visit

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