US Department of Energy (DOE) to Deliver Keynote Presentation at PlugVolt May 2014 Battery Seminar

Peter Faguy from Vehicle Technologies Office at the US DOE will be delivering a keynote presentation on "Next­Generation Batteries For Electric Drive Vehicles (EDVs): R&D Highlights From The Energy Storage Projects Portfolio at The Vehicles Technologies Office Within The U.S. Department of Energy"

Peter Faguy from Vehicle Technologies Office at the US Department of Energy (DOE) will be delivering a keynote presentation on "Next­Generation Batteries For Electric Drive Vehicles (EDVs): R&D Highlights From The Energy Storage Projects Portfolio at The Vehicles Technologies Office Within The U.S. Department of Energy"

This presentation will be well complemented by other guest speakers from A123 Systems, Bosch Battery Systems, Chrysler, Ford, Intertek, Johnson Controls (JCI), LG Chem, Michigan State University, Navigant Research, Navitas Systems, NextEnergy, Sakti3, Wayne State Univesity and XG Sciences, who will speak about battery technologies and their integration for automotive & grid applications, and novel, early-stage technologies showing a lot of promise.

Realizing the promise of next-generation Li Ion batteries for EDVs is a central critical theme of President Obama's EV-Everywhere Challenge. The initiative, which exists to make electric vehicles affordable, brings together the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office, the Office of Science's Basic Energy Sciences Program, and the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E). Affordable EDVs with all the functionality and performance of existing consumer products and the fulfillment of DOE's energy security and environmental stewardship goals will create an enormous advanced manufacturing opportunity. US development of such durable and high performance electrochemical energy storage technologies will lead to American jobs. This talk by US DOE will overview the programmatic landscape for energy storage research within EV-Everywhere and will illustrate progress, opportunities, and barriers to the initiative's goals with recent results from portfolio projects underway at national laboratories, at corporate R&D facilities, and in academic labs. The presentation will conclude with an explanation of the program's funding philosophy and goals: what is planned for future funding opportunities and what is expected to be returned to the country through this investment.

Come be a part of this exciting, two-day Battery Seminar on May 28 & 29, 2014 in Detroit, MI (USA). Enjoy informal discussions, interactive Q&As, a facility tour, evening cocktail receptions, complimentary meals, plenty of networking opportunities, and much more.

The seminar features:

- In-Depth Discussions by an Independent Electro-chemist on Electrical And Mechanical Designing For Energy vs. Power Cells, And Recent Technological Advances in Anodes, Cathodes, Electrolytes, Separators And Other Battery Components

- Overview of Energy Storage Technologies For Grid Applications and Automotive xEVs

- Commerical & Military Start-Stop And Micro-Hybrid Applications

- Li Ion Use in Transportation Markets, Looking at The Supply And Demand For Li Ion Batteries in Electric Two Wheelers, Start-Stop Vehicles, Hybrid & Plug-in Vehicles And Truck Markets

- Two Evening Receptions / Networking Mixers

- An Exclusive Tour of The NextEnergy Center

- Quick Pitching Sessions by Innovative Start-up Companies, With Participations From Inventev, LogiCoul Solutions, Optimal Process Technologies LLC, And Inmatech (University of Michigan)

The facility tour will also highlight NextEnergy and partners' unique testing and validation programs (in collaboration with DTE Energy, the Department of Defense, and leading automotive OEMs to name a few) such as:

- NextHome (a DC connected house),
- a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) program,
- a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) program, and
- a community energy storage project

This two-day technical seminar will be held at NextEnergy - a supporting organization for this event - at their Metro Detroit facility at 461 Burroughs St., Detroit, MI 48202 USA

For additional details, complete program agenda and seminar registration form please visit:

Questions? Visit for more details.

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