PV Guangzhou 2014 to help further promote distributed photovoltaic

After going through hard times in past two years, China's PV industry shows positive trends this year due to rebalance of supply and demand, increasing market demand and policy support.

After going through hard times in past two years, China's PV industry shows positive trends this year due to rebalance of supply and demand, increasing market demand and policy support.

Since National Energy Administration issues the plan of 8GW installed capacity of distributed PV, heated discussion is caused. Some companies and investors extend positive attitudes, while others regard it as a tough task. To achieve the goal, we have to cope with some urgent problems. Firstly, more and more supporting policies have been made, but there are still no regulations concerning business license, power generation permit and other aspects. Secondly, great difficulties exist in product purchasing and post maintenance. Thirdly, regulatory difficulties.

However, distributed PV will still be the mainstream in China. "Though occupying less than 5% of China's total area, Germany's installed PV capacity accounts for one fourth of global amount due to its distributed PV market", Liu Jianli says, marketing director of Linuo Solar Power. In China, difficulties in this field are being overcome at an accelerating speed. Once China's distributed PV market comes into existence, our installed PV capacity will take up more than 50% of the world's total amount.

According to PV Guangzhou 2014, an increased number of individual users and companies are calling to enquire about distributed PV this year. More than 1,000 callers ask about auxiliary products, installation companies and other issues. Financial institutions reveal that the launch of loan services for individual PV projects will depend on the market and policies. As a result, PV industry will be greatly promoted.

We found that some companies have focused their attention on individual PV market, dedicating to product standardization, product design (including inverters, pv panels, connectors, etc), installation procedures and a complete set of services. Some of them have already gotten down to work.

With a promising future, distributed PV will become the mainstream in the future. Service companies in this field will probably enjoy more growth potential than manufacturers. In August, PV Guangzhou 2014 will continue to set up a one-stop platform for information communication, technical exchange and trading, pushing forward distributed PV industry.

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