Pump Up the Volume: GameChange Pour-in-Place™ Sets Install Speed Record Using Concrete Pump

GameChange Racking today announced that its Pour-in-Place™ Ballasted Ground System set an install speed record using a standard concrete pump truck.

NEW YORK – June 5th, 2014 – GameChange Racking today announced that its Pour-in-Place™ Ballasted Ground System set an install speed record using a standard concrete pump truck. With a range of hundreds of feet, concrete pump trucks allow concrete to be installed into the Pour-in-Place™ self leveling system without additional landfill cap loading with minimal labor and cost at any ballasted PV solar system site, typically used on landfills or sites with rocky soil.

See video of install with pump: http://www.gamechangeracking.com/#!pour-in-place/ckrq

The primary installation advantage of the Pour-in-Place™ technology versus precast is that the system may be self-leveled and fully installed with the rails already attached prior to concrete being poured. This enables installation to be done in half the time and with much greater vertical adjustability.

Alternate install methods are pouring directly for concrete trucks, and using bobcats with pouring buckets. Each method has its own application, and all are quick and cost effective.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Racking, said: "Use of the patent protected GameChange Pour-in-Place™ Ballasted Ground System and its self-leveling technology allows a multiple MW site to be installed in a week or two with a decent sized crew. There is no system with this kind of install speed. The system also allows for installation on uneven and sloped terrain, even extreme slopes for which we provide custom tables. Coupled with the cost being 30% lower than any other ballasted ground system in the industry, and unparalleled test and certification, GameChange Pour-in-Place™ has become the most rapidly adopted ballasted ground system in the industry."

GC Pour-in-Place™ Ballasted Ground System features:

Starts at $.129/w for panel racks, $.199/watt for complete system including supports and ballast
Patent protected system with Self-leveling technology: over 50% faster install than precast​
Large ballast footprint reduces landfill cap loading
Wind tunnel tested by CPP, rated for 120mph wind speed
2703 tested by ETL/UL
Custom tables provided for up to 30% slopes using varying support heights
Panels rapidly mount using T-bolts in teethed, self-grounding top mount clamps
Integrated wire management tray on robust aluminum rails
5 to 35° tilt with multiple inter-row spacing options

About GameChange Racking
GameChange Racking LLC provides solar racking systems which combine fast installation, quality and unbeatable value for both ground and rooftop applications. GameChange is based on the concept of simple innovative design and large scale volume manufacturing. All GameChange products are designed and tested to meet rigorous environmental conditions and manufactured in compliance with strict industry standards.

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