Blymyer Engineers Announces "I Shot The Tariff" Exhibition At Intersolar North America

Intersolar North American in San Francisco's Moscone Center July 8-10

ALAMEDA, Calif., July 2, 2014 -- Blymyer Engineers, a world-class leader in solar energy engineering and America's most progressive engineering firm specializing in renewable energy solutions, announced today the company is exhibiting at Intersolar North American in San Francisco's Moscone Center July 8-10. The company views this event as critical to establishing business relationships in the solar supply chain, both domestically and internationally. With over 550 solar firms showcasing the latest technologies and innovations, Intersolar North America represents a world stage for sharing information and discussing trends and opportunities in the firm's global solar practice ( ).

Michael Rantz, President of Blymyer Engineers, maintains, "The Intersolar Show North America offers a face-to-face way to meet new customers and establish relationships with EPCs and project owners seeking state-of-the-art engineering for their solar projects."


The US International Trade Commission recently upheld punitive tariffs on solar panels imported from China, a dominant supplier of panels. These duties, which may continue for up to five years, are in response to unfair business practices by Chinese companies which flooded the market with solar panels priced below cost and subsidized by the Chinese government. Rantz explains, "It's now very likely those panels are going to be 10 to 15 % more expensive, which will have a domino effect on solar projects here in the US. The tariffs which will be evaluated with a final ruling on August 18 will no doubt be sending large utility-scale power providers in search of cost-saving solutions when using these more expensive solar panels."

"Utilities and other large scale solar project developers may have a hard time building those projects economically," says Rantz "and that's where we can help. As a result, Blymyer Engineers is responding to the tariff with highly aggressive and economical designs both with thin film and crystalline design optimizations. Rather tongue in cheek, we're calling this I Shot The Tariff."

Blymyer Engineers is also testing the waters for novel partnerships with battery and energy storage companies. "Looking into the future we see energy storage being the next big growth driver for the solar industry," says Rantz. "When energy storage is added to utility scale and distributed growth systems it levels out the peaks and valleys that occur during the daytime and leads towards a more manageable grid. Especially here in California where regulators have eliminated the fees and reviews, we're predicting a huge potential market for energy storage."

The Blymyer Engineers' exhibit will be located on the first floor at booth 7449. The company invites EPC, project developers and owners to discuss their needs and view Blymyer Engineer's proprietary solutions.

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