Greenshine New Energy LLC completes its Santee Solar Lighting Project

Greenshine New Energy LLC (Greenshine) is delighted to announce the successful completion of their project at Mission Gorge Villas, Santee, California.

Greenshine New Energy LLC (Greenshine) is delighted to announce the successful completion of their project at Mission Gorge Villas, Santee, California. Greenshine New Energy, a leading solar light vendor, delivered thirty-six decorative Lumina solar lights to this mobile home park in Southern California.

The 30W solar powered street light, is able to produce 2530 lumens which will provide an equivalent lighting to a regular 120~150W HPS grid-tied connection. Mission Gorge Villa is a mobile home park whose outdated HPS streetlights were failing and in need of replacement.

Kevin Laurent, senior solar street light specialist from Greenshine said, "Our solar street lights were chosen because we provide very competitive rates compared to traditional grid-tied lights. To trench grid-tied lights one would need to break the asphalt, dig, install conduit and then reconstruct. It requires expensive equipment and materials, in addition to being a time consuming effort which would also disturb local residents. "

He also added, "Adhering to the clients design, we worked relentlessly to ensure we met the residential lighting requirements with the most economical solution, while guaranteeing optimum light distribution, with no dark spots. We also had to make sure our lights complimented the local environment and did not interfere with the residents, while avoiding the older existing trees." Greenshine is also one of the only manufactures that can produce decorative poles made of steel.

About Greenshine New Energy
Greenshine New Energy LLC (Greenshine) specializes in developing and manufacturing, customized solar powered lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. They are experts in solar powered street lights, parking lot and park lights, for locations with severe weather conditions. Greenshine's lights can be installed anywhere, including areas where grid tied electricity is not available. Greenshine aims to provide advanced solar powered technology that is affordable, reliable and long term. For further information, please visit Greenshine New Energy's website at:

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