P2 Offshore Consulting Receives Honor at AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2014

Attendees were able to ascertain from the presentation, that offshore wind farm cable designs requires a multi-disciplined approach.

Boston, October 30, 2014—P2 Offshore Consulting is pleased to announce Tony Fisk, Commercial Director from P2 Offshore Consulting won the "Attendee Choice" award for his presentation at the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER 2014 Conference & Exhibition in Atlantic City, N.J. on October 8, 2014. The poster, titled "Preparing for the Power of Cable: Route Engineering, Design and Protection" was included in the "Cable and Electrical Components" category of the competition.

"Frequently, that last link to bring the power back to the grid is often overlooked until the offshore project is near completion," Tony Fisk stated, referring to the importance of the undersea cable during the early planning stages. "The U.S. offshore community is now acting on cable route engineering, design and burial protection and no longer considering them afterthoughts," he continued.

The winning paper emphasized the importance of the undersea cable journey and provided details regarding design, burial, crossings, landing points, seabed hazards, installation techniques and sediment analysis. Commenting on the award itself, Tony Fisk added, "I am honored to receive this recognition. I enjoyed being part of the event's program as well as speaking with many industry colleagues."

Attendees were able to ascertain from the presentation, that offshore wind farm cable designs requires a multi-disciplined approach. Obtaining the right data at the right time, learning from past experiences, and designing with the future in mind were key elements and highlights.

About P2 Offshore Consulting: P2 is a U.S. joint venture between Boston-based Pioneer Consulting, a specialist submarine cable engineering advisory firm, and Pelagian, a British subsea cable consultancy and engineering firm with a decade of experience in the European offshore wind farm market. P2 Offshore Consulting brings the expertise from more than 20 offshore renewable projects renewable energy projects to the American market.

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