Bidgely and London Hydro Launch Customer Engagement Project for 150,000 Homes

Energy company is first in Canada to deploy energy disaggregation platform

Sunnyvale, Calif. and London, Ont. – November 20, 2014 – Bidgely, provider of a cloud-based customer empowerment and business intelligence platform for utilities, today announced a project for London Hydro, in Ontario, Canada, that will reach more than 150,000 homes. London Hydro is the first energy company in the country to integrate Bidgely's solution into the My London Hydro energy portal, adding appliance-level monitoring and personalized energy savings recommendations to London Hydro's portal to help the utility improve customer satisfaction and engagement levels. The integration follows successful employee testing of Bidgely's solution and is expected to be live by in early 2015.

"We have led Ontario's energy market in the areas of customer engagement and satisfaction for many years, making Bidgely's energy solution a great choice that will enable us to stay at the forefront of the market," said Syed Mir, London Hydro's V.P. Corporate Services & Chief Information Officer. "Bidgely's advanced analytics solution leverages our current smart meter infrastructure to help our customers save energy and participate in upcoming demand management programs."

The project utilizes the Green Button Connect standard implemented by London Hydro for their My London Hydro portal and qualifies Bidgely as a third party Green Button vendor. The project also explores making real-time energy data available to select London Hydro customers.
Abhay Gupta, Bidgely's CEO and founder said, "We're excited to work with London Hydro to take this first major step into the Ontario energy market, which serves as an indicator of the future direction for Ontario's utilities. Our solution is ideally suited to the market given the prevalence of customers on Time of Use (TOU) rate plans in Ontario. Bidgely gives TOU customers the ability to optimize the energy usage of their appliances, shifting from peak to off-peak rate hours to reduce their energy costs."

Bidgely's solution is cloud-based and includes an energy dashboard, mobile apps for (iOS and Android) phone and tablet, and a communications engine for notifications and real-time alerts. The solution drives customer engagement and satisfaction by personalizing energy usagefrom real-time alerts and email notifications to recommendations specific to a homeowner's appliances and historical energy usage. With Bidgely, customer engagement levels are increased to help utilities meet energy efficiency and demand shifting goals flexibly, predictably and cost-effectively.

About Bidgely
Bidgely leverages sophisticated energy analytics to deliver customer empowerment and business intelligence solutions for utilities. Bidgely's cloud-based, proven platform applies patent-pending disaggregation technology to read energy signatures of home appliances and develop a real-time, appliance-level understanding of where energy is used. Based on these deep insights, Bidgely provides personalized and actionable energy recommendations, which in turn drive highly effective and low-cost energy efficiency and demand response initiatives proven to improve utility customer engagement. The company has residential customers on six continents and works with leading utilities around the world. For more information, please visit:

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