Renusol supplies leading British electrical distributor with its complete range of PV mounting equipment

Renusol's PV mounting systems available at all of Edmundson Electrical's Greentech branches

Cologne, Germany, December 2, 2014 – The Cologne-based PV mounting systems manufacturer Renusol now supplies its entire range of products to Edmundson Electrical, one of the UK's leading distributors of electrical equipment. The products allow solar arrays to be installed on roofs of any kind and in ground-mounted systems. Under the Greentech brand, Edmundson sells photovoltaics products in 22 of its Edmundson and Electric Center branches, of which there are a total of more than 250 across the United Kingdom.

"Renusol is one of the best known brands in Europe and provides intelligent mounting solutions for any type of roof. We were won over by the fact that the manufacturer has more than 15 years of experience and because it develops mounting systems that are incredibly sophisticated and easy to use. For example, Renusol has designed a module clamp that is compatible with all of its systems and module heights. This means that we are not required to stock a variety of clamps and our customers do not need to check whether they are choosing the correct clamp for their system and PV modules," explains Andrew Fawcett, Business Development Manager at Edmundson Electrical Ltd.

"At the moment, we are rapidly expanding our business operations in the UK and have adapted our mounting solutions to fit perfectly with the country's specific requirements. For example, the side connectors used in our roof-integrated mounting solution InterSole have been adjusted to suit the roof coverings typically found in the UK," reports Stefan Ast, Head of Marketing of Renusol GmbH, which is headquartered in Cologne and is represented across Europe and the USA. "In joining forces with Edmundson, we have gained a strong partner. What's more, the company's Greentech branches are a fantastic idea which provide installers and planners with competent on-site support."

One of the products now being sold by Edmundson Electrical is Renusol's new FS10 flat roof mounting system for photovoltaic installations with east/west orientation. The solution does not require any mounting rails, saving time and money during installation.

Edmundson has also added the MetaSole+ system to its product portfolio. Comprising very few components, it allows framed photovoltaic modules to be mounted rapidly to trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal roofs at speeds of less than ten minutes per kWp.

Meanwhile, the VarioSole rooftop system for pitched roofs is suitable for all roof coverings commonly found in the UK. In contrast to the majority of mounting solutions available on the market, this system is able to fix solar installations to a wide variety of substructures, regardless of whether they are constructed of wood, metal or concrete.

A list of all Greentech branches offering the complete range of Renusol products is available at

Information on the rest of Renusol's mounting systems is available at

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