Link Solar – Provides clients the best flexible solar panel and solar street light

Link Solar is a world class, globally acclaimed ISO9001 certificated company providing customers the best of flexible solar panels and street lighting. The company has articulately designed its solar pack to render all customer segments.


Link Solar is a world class, globally acclaimed ISO9001 certificated company providing customers the best of flexible solar panels and street lighting. The company has articulately designed its solar pack to render all customer segments.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China - Link Solar Electric Group Co. Ltd. is a recognized high-tech company catering to the customer's needs for suitable power development. These are the days of eco-friendly devices, which is why this company has consistently strived to provide clients with the best variants of devices producing renewable energy. Its range of high quality flexible solar panel is popular the world over for the higher efficiency it displays. The range of panels comprise of solar panels, solar chargers for cellular phones, DIY solar system and a fully-fledged solar kit, amongst others. Their solar system grid-connected PV inverters along with OEM solar based products are renowned for their superior technicalities. Its range of Flexible solar panel clientele comprises of array of yacht and caravan owners who require keeping their engines running on consistent basis. The boat owners also form prominent part of its elite customer segment.

The company has supplied wide range of solar street light variants to many businesses and residents. Its solar power solutions are globally celebrated by several technical consultancy firms. It is the products alongside expert guidance from in-house specialists which has made the company a big name in the world of leading electric and solar manufacturers. Street lighting is an expensive venture all around the world. The company is proficient in apt utilization of solar energy, thus commercializing the lighting industry with appropriate structural solar-based photovoltaic panels. The company displays variety of solar street lights in accordance to the strengths and heights attributed to each device. Customers can get their choice of solar street lighting as per the installations and existing light retrofits. The LED Street light Chennai LS-SL00201and the Oval LED Street Lighting LS-SL0010, are some of the most popular varieties on display. These variants are well-liked for its safety type, material used and the drivers implanted in the products. Its solar street lights are supplied to prestigious city projects and prominent government authorities.

The solar power pack is optimal for residents from all over the world.The pack is available in different forms of solar cells. Its Mono-crystalline solar pack comprises of thin slice of silicon crystal, whereas its Multi-crystalline solar cells comprise of clustered silicon crystals required in construction of every cell. Link Solar Electric Group Co. Ltd. Is ISO9001 certificated company having its own technology-centric production lines. The high-quality controlling equipment alongside scientific administration makes this enterprise extremely special. It has dedicated set of professional engineers, and well-qualified technicians and workers who are trained to meet customer demands with perfection.All the products are superbly supported by appropriate credentials issued by international authorities with the likes of TUV, IEC, CE, amongst certain others. Visit for any further queries.

Link Solar is ISO9001 certificated company offering high-quality solar equipment for producing renewable energy

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Ansheng Road 63, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China ,325200
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