TUV SUED certifies turbine DF110-2500 made by Dongfang

TUV SUED has brought type certification of the wind turbine DF110-2500, manufactured by the Chinese company Dongfang Electric New Energy Equipment Co. Ltd. in Hangzhou, to a successful conclusion. The type certificate is one of the prerequisites for the turbine's export to international markets.

Type certification of wind turbines is a procedure recognised at international level for establishing that these complex technical systems and installations comply with international standards. It covers design assessment, prototype testing and factory inspection. These comprehensive tests ensure that type certificates are highly informative and are accepted by investors, operators and insurance companies throughout the world as a proof of quality and a quality mark.

Dongfang Electric New Energy Equipment Co. Ltd. in Hangzhou (DECNEE), a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Corporation, is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of wind turbines. The DF110-2500 turbine delivers a capacity of 2.5 megawatts and is designed for use in onshore wind farms. Following its successful type certification, Dongfang can now also export this wind turbine to other countries. DEC has assembled and delivered thirty DF 110-2500 Type Wind Turbines to the Blaiken wind farm in Sweden.

In 2012, TUV SUED already provided type certification for the DF82-1500 wind turbine made by Dongfang Electric New Energy Equipment. This made Dongfang one of the first Chinese companies to obtain type certification for a wind turbine. Three DF82-1500 wind turbines were exported to Finland soon afterward.

Wind energy at competitive costs

"As the use of wind energy has grown in China, so has the significance of the Chinese wind turbine manufacturers on the global market", says Mr. Alexander Trunz, wind turbine expert at TUV SUED Industrie Service GmbH. "China has been leading the field, both in terms of newly and total installed , since 2010." Mr. Alexander Trunz is convinced that the global expansion of wind energy is going to continue. Thanks to technical improvements such as higher towers, longer rotor blades and smaller generators for lower wind speeds, the costs of electricity from wind energy have dropped steadily and are now in many cases even lower than the costs of electricity produced in coal- or gas-fired power stations.

Wind energy services from TUV SUED

TUV SUED looks back on a long and successful track record in the certification of both onshore and offshore wind farms, wind turbines and their components. The international service provider also supports planners, contractors, investors and owners in risk analyses, occupational health and safety concepts and quality assurance during construction. Other core fields of activity include quality assurance in component manufacturing and periodic testing and inspection throughout the service life of the wind turbines.

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