seebaWIND Service is the first enterprise to use the RDS-PP® Standard-based REGAS software

Osnabrück. seebaWIND Service GmbH is the first enterprise to implement the requirements set by the new international RDS-PP® Standard Reference Designation System for Power Plants for the wind power sector using REGAS application software. This manufacturer-independent service provider initially uses the software, which works based on the standard, for its own technical operations management. In the next stage, seebaWINDs service technicians use the app to log the wind turbine data they collect during servicing operations and to record the results in the shape of standardised reports.

Software firm RECON-SERV has developed the database-based REGAS application software for technical experts, technical operations managers, service companies and manufacturers. It currently contains templates for at least 30 wind turbines in common use in Europe. The browser-based application provides defined test templates for systematic inspection and servicing. The digital data exchange and language-independent designations enable international application and ensure a maximum of comparability and analysis options.

International designation system

"With the standard-based REGAS software we can provide our wind farm managers with all the data and reports for the wind turbines we look after at home and abroad, regardless of language", says Günter Hopp, head of technical operations at seebaWIND Service. "The new standard fills a gap in the international designation system for wind turbines."

More efficient planning, operation and maintenance

"We are convinced that with the introduction of the RDS-PP® Standard, wind turbines can be planned, operated and maintained with significantly greater efficiency. We are pleased that seebaWIND Service is leading the field as the first enterprise to use our software", adds RECON-SERV managing director Boris Schaffrin.

A common denominator for wind energy

The RDS-PP® Application Guideline Part 32: for Wind Power Plants was developed by members of the technical association for heat and power producers in Europe, VGB PowerTech, and other well-known enterprises in the wind industry, in order to create a common denominator for the wind industry. More information at, VGB‐S‐823‐32‐2014‐03‐EN‐DE, ISBN 978‐3‐86875‐693‐7.

About seebaWIND Service GmbH

With headquarters in Osnabrück, Germany and two service centres, seebaWIND Service GmbH is a manufacturer-independent service organisation for wind power plants and specialised in working with plants manufactured by Nordex, Fuhrländer and Senvion (formerly REpower). The services the company offers encompasses technical operation management with 24/7 remote monitoring as well as service, maintenance and repair. seebaWIND Service also offers its customers the opportunity of joining purchasing pools for replacement parts. The company currently employs 75 highly qualified employees and manages approximately 600 wind power plants with a power output of 1.000 MW.
seebaWIND Service belongs to the Windnetwork 360°, the only nation-wide service network independent of any manufacturer for wind power plants of Nordex, Fuhrländer and Senvion (formerly REpower).

Press office of seebaWIND Service:

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