Monarch Power Granted Patent for Solar Powered Turbine

CEO And Professor Invents Off-Grid Solar Thermal Personal Energy

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--Scottsdale-based Monarch Power has been granted a US-Patent for a revolutionary turbine that can power, heat, and chill homes and businesses using solar or natural gas. The Hui turbine is the invention of Monarch CEO Joseph Hui, Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University.

Hui, aka Solar Man to those who follow him on social media, believes his turbine will be a "game changer" in the power industry, liberating millions of people from their utility companies.

The Hui turbine uses heat stored in molten salt for power generation day or night. Homes can also go off-grid, thanks to the Lotus Butterfly, a solar powered system with natural gas backup, in the final phases of development under Hui's Steve Jobs-like attention to detail, utility, and beauty.

"Think Super-storm Sandy," said Hui. "The electric grid went down. People scrambled to buy gasoline powered backup generators. With the Lotus Butterfly cogenerating system, your home remains powered and air-conditioned. The sun is our ubiquitous power source. Our natural gas grid provides backup energy security more reliably than overhead power lines."

Hui predicts that the Edison power grid with centralized generation of electricity will be replaced by personal energy. He invented the term PE for local sourcing, generation, storage, and use of energy. "Energy isn't just about electricity. Energy is for home heating and cooling, cooking, driving, communicating, lighting, and watering. Electricity is good for transmission but poor for storage. Our sun provides heat storable by molten salt. No battery is needed."

PE is made possible with the small, simple, quiet, efficient, and economical Hui turbine. "Industrial turbines and generators are huge, expensive, and noisy. When Thomas Edison installed his power generator in JP Morgan's home, Morgan ordered that moved downtown. That's the Not-In-My-Back-Yard NIMBY syndrome. Worse, power plants must run continuously to be efficient. Sporadic usage can be expensive. The Hui turbine changes all that."

"Batteries are uneconomical to balance uneven demand against constant generation. Here in Arizona, power utility SRP imposes punitive demand charges for solar homes, effectively killing rooftop solar," said Hui, who bitterly opposed SRP in recent rate hike hearings. "SRP is holding the sun hostage. If the sun fails to shine and you use a kilowatt for 30 minutes, SRP can charge peak usage for the entire month at $33/kilowatt!"

"Now the hostage is freed by the Lotus Butterfly with heat storage. We will go off grid. I am sick of Arizonan utilities accusing solar homes not paying their fair share of grid usage. We don't use the grid, end of argument."

Hui calls his turbine his proudest invention. "It is simple and beautiful. Look to the heavens: galaxy arms spiral logarithmically into the center. The Hui turbine let super-critically heated carbon dioxide spirals exponentially outward through micro-channels engraved in disks," says Hui, who is writing a physics book called "What's the matter with energy" which describes many of his inventions. "Key is gradual pressure release of gas pushing the turbine spiral wall. The exponential spiral is the perfect shape for hot dense gas expansion."

"Please support further development of the Lotus Butterfly. Download a free chapter of my book at the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Buy the Solar Man Grill which is a mini Lotus Butterfly™ solar collector. I will save you money. You will save the planet."

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