26,000 aleo solar modules for SUNfarming solar park in Mecklenburg

The module manufacturer from Prenzlau in Brandenburg covers the entire range of photovoltaic projects with its portfolio

Prenzlau, 12 August 2015 - aleo solar is acting as production partner, supplying the SUNfarming quality modules for a solar park with a total output of 6.75 megawatts in Mecklenburg Over 26,000 aleo S18 SUNfarming quality modules are being installed in Friedland at two sites.

The operator, an investment company from the SUNfarming Group, has already successfully set up several solar parks in the area with 12 MW and, with 22 MW in total, will be the biggest electricity supplier for Friedland. The project developer and investment controller with headquarters in Erkner in Brandenburg has produced more than 350 megawatts of photovoltaic power over the past ten years, of which around 45 megawatts come from the company group's own portfolio.

The internationally active company follows a strict component selection procedure, explains Martin Tauschke, managing director and co-founder of SUNfarming: "All modules undergo an extremely strict quality control in latent state, carried out by our SUNfarming quality engineers at the factory before delivery. Following extensive checks on the production process, we made the positive decision to work with aleo. The SUNfarming quality modules from aleo solar produced in Prenzlau fulfill all our quality requirements and help guarantee high yields over the long-term."

"The fact that an experienced project developer like SUNfarming is relying on aleo modules for a plant in its own portfolio is confirmation of our consistent commitment to quality", says Günter Schulze, managing director of aleo solar GmbH. The module manufacturer from Prenzlau in Brandenburg covers the entire range of photovoltaic projects with its portfolio, states Schulze: "From high-performance modules for rooftop installation, to high-yield modules for solar parks like the one in Friedland."

About aleo solar
aleo solar GmbH produces and distributes high-performance monocrystalline modules at competitive prices and is a system supplier for the worldwide photovoltaic market. Founded in 2001, the company possesses outstanding production expertise with its 320 employees. Since 2014, the company has benefited from belonging to the Sunrise Global Solar Energy Co. Ltd. group, which develops and produces highly efficient solar cells. This makes aleo part of a high-performance solar manufacturer which covers the entire value chain, from producing the cells to shipping the solar modules.

About SUNfarming
SUNfarming GmbH is a company from the ALENSYS Group (ALENSYS Alternative Energiesystem AG). Founded as a quality assurance company, cooperative purchasing association and planning entity of BBK (Bundesverband Biogene & Regenerative Kraft- und Treibstoffe e. V, now known as BRM Bundesverband Regenerative Mobilität e.V.) in 2004, the company now acts as an investment controller and project developer for capital investors and specializes in the execution of and providing active support in PV projects for commercial and private electricity plants. With an experienced team of tradesmen, engineers and electrical engineers, the company has already achieved a plant output of 350 megawatts and has service and maintenance responsibility for over 120 MW solar parks.

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