AWS Truepower Announces Major Expansion of its Due Diligence Team in Response to Growing Market Demand

The new staff join an established team whose skills have been honed over the past two years providing independent engineering, owners engineering, and technical advisory services, and who are supported by AWS Truepower’s industry-leading resource and energy consulting group.

Albany, New York, USA - Aug 31, 2015 - AWS Truepower, an international leader in wind and solar energy consulting and engineering services, has responded to the growing success of its due diligence services by expanding its team with several well-known industry veterans and skilled specialists.

Starting August 24, Gill Howard Larsen assumed leadership of the group as Director of Due Diligence. Gill has long experience as a wind and IPP project developer and owner including with Edison Mission Energy and Cinergy (now Duke), and since joining the company last year has played a critical role on the company's Due Diligence team, first as Senior Project Manager, then Head of Project Management.

"I've been enormously impressed with Gill's clear vision for the due diligence business, her huge passion for her work, and her great project and client management skills," remarked Michael Brower, President of AWS Truepower. "We're lucky to have her."

Chris Ziesler joined the team in August as Manager of Technical Advisory Services. Chris comes to AWS Truepower from Wind Capital Group, a wind developer and operator, where he was Senior Vice President until the company wound up its assets in early 2015. Prior to that he held senior positions at Shell Wind Energy and Powergen Renewables.

Starting in September Emil Moroz of EM Energy, LLC, will be contributing to the AWS Truepower team as Senior Turbine Engineer. A well known and respected figure in the wind industry, Emil has held a number of key senior positions in wind turbine technology and plant operations including Chief Engineer with Garrad Hassan America, Director of Technology and Project Development for DeWind, and Director of Wind Turbine Technology for AES.

Also in September, Nestor Castillo will be joining AWS Truepower as Senior Electrical Engineer. For the past two years Nestor was a risk assessment engineer for the Texas Reliability Entity, and before that was Senior Electrical Engineer for DNV GL for six years. In the latter role he gained enormous experience as an independent engineer on utility-scale wind projects, including performing electrical design reviews and construction monitoring.

Rounding out the group is Cristian Algar, who joined AWS Truepower in July as Project Manager in the Barcelona office. A mechanical engineer, Cristian worked for more than five years for Abantia, a solar EPC company that developed many different solar projects in Mexico and South America, and before that worked for a year for Acciona Windpower North America.

The new staff join an established team whose skills have been honed over the past two years providing independent engineering, owners engineering, and technical advisory services, and who are supported by AWS Truepower's industry-leading resource and energy consulting group.

"For over 30 years, the growth of AWS Truepower has been driven by its talented and experienced staff," remarked Bruce Bailey, CEO. "With the bolstering of the due diligence team with such highly experienced and talented industry professionals, I'm confident that AWS Truepower will cement its position as a leading force in the wind and solar energy due diligence markets."

About AWS Truepower:

AWS Truepower provides the most accurate, reliable, and innovative clean energy project development, engineering and operations solutions available today. Energy developers, investors, utilities, system operators, and governments rely on the company's 30 years of experience, proven expertise and technology to reduce uncertainty, mitigate risk, and maximize return on their investments. AWS Truepower's suite of consulting and engineering services, innovative software, maps, and data products support the complete wind and solar project development lifecycle. Headquartered in New York, AWS Truepower has offices in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Learn more about the company online at

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