Solar Energy Installation Completed at Grace Community Church by Pfister Energy.

Pfister Energy is proud to announce the installation of a 354kW solar photovoltaic array for Grace Community Church in Maple Lawn, Maryland.

Howard County, Maryland October 12, 2015 -- Pfister Energy completed a fabulous renewable energy project this past summer for an important area non-profit. The solar array will provide Grace Community Church (GCC), an offset of more than 65% of its energy needs. The system is designed to generate on-site power just for the impressive GCC facility. GCC is now Howard County's largest renewable energy system that is designed to reduce on-site energy consumption.

Under the direction of Pfister Energy of Baltimore, the solar array installation was completed this past spring. Blair Nordvedt, GCC's Facility Manager, talks about the project process:

"In 2013 Grace started looking into solar photovoltaic power for the church building. Our facility is nine years old and has a large south facing, non-shaded metal roof. We met Pfister Energy at a Baltimore buildings expo. They had recently completed work for another non-profit facility with a similar roof structure. That experience, and their history of working with large commercial roof projects, seemed to set them up particularly well for working with our facility."

"We performed extensive financial analysis and concluded that the project was well suited for significant to produce long term electric utility savings. GCC is a church dependent on the generous giving by our congregation. We want to be the best stewards of those offerings that we can possibly be. This project supports having more of our donations go to missions, children's programs or other ministries instead of utility costs for our buildings. We feel that solar power will be a cleaner and more sustainable source of energy as we take care of our planet."

The Grace Community Church project is estimated to save equivalently each year:

* 10,000 trees
* 400 tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions
* 44,000 gallons of gasoline.

Pfister Energy's long history of providing commercial customers a combination of experience, commitment and integrity was essential in the evolution of the project from concept to completion. It has been a great privilege to build a better foundation for Grace Community church and their members for many years to come.

Pfister Energy is a renewable energy company providing innovative solutions and energy efficient systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The company is a national provider and installer of turnkey renewable energy and on-site distributed power generation systems, predominantly with Solar PV systems. Pfister works with its clients to create financially practical solar investments by helping them utilize all federal, state and local incentives. With its partner in Cole Roofing, Pfister has the years of experience and the reputation for quality that provides clients with confidence that the project will bring lasting financial value to their organization.

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