Energy Acuity Expands Renewable Energy Intelligence to Include Commercial Property Data

Energy Acuity has added commercial property data to their online renewable energy database, broadening their industry scope to benefit subscribers looking to prospect buildings for both solar development and efficiency technologies.

Denver, Colorado October 22, 2015 -- Energy Acuity LLC, the leading provider of energy industry intelligence, adds more depth to their robust energy research platform this week by rolling over 583,000 commercial property profiles into their Renewable Energy Database. This new dataset will significantly increase the amount of leads available to Energy Acuity subscribers interested in commercial and industrial solar development.

The EA|Renewables Database is a research and business development tool dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information pertaining to solar and wind energy markets. Energy Acuity's commitment to finding new solar leads and business opportunities made commercial property data a natural addition to the database. Subscribers will not only be able to use this data to find commercial properties that are viable options for solar development, but can also identify properties that are good candidates for other energy related service offerings—including HVAC, energy efficiency, and battery storage, among others.

Energy Acuity is linking commercial property data with their existing and expansive solar project coverage. This will provide EA|Renewables subscribers with more insight on a property's existing solar infrastructure, as well as the property owner's involvement in the industry.

"Energy Acuity is connecting these properties to existing solar projects, while also linking property owners to Energy Acuity company profiles. These combined efforts will greatly benefit our clients in determining which property owners they should be focusing their resources on for both solar development and energy efficiency tied to building consumption. By identifying property owners that have installed solar panels in the past, and who currently own properties without any solar development, users can find prime candidates for future projects." - Maxwell Ryan, Power Generation Product Manager

"This latest addition to our product demonstrates Energy Acuity's constant commitment to innovation and improvement," said Brian Graff, CEO of Energy Acuity. "Our goal is to provide our clients with a single source of the highest quality data on the key players and opportunities within the energy sector. This breadth of highly integrated data will continue to help clients analyze this complex market and make decisions that will help them grow and manage their businesses more effectively."

About Energy Acuity: Energy Acuity provides intelligence on the energy industry and markets through three online databases that focus on Renewable Energy, Grid Infrastructure, and Traditional Energy. The product suite covers over 11,800 companies, 2,900 utilities, 59,280 projects, and 82,000 industry professionals. Energy Acuity's data provides clients with the analytics and insight needed to effectively segment and research the energy market.

Interested in learning more about the Energy Acuity databases? Please visit or call 720-235-1296 to set up a live demonstration of the tool.

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