Bourne Energy Develops Clean Energy Technology That Closes the Gap with Fossil Fuels

Bourne Energy Develops Continuous High Power Zero-Carbon Generator That Will Speed The Global Transition to Renewable Energy

Bourne Energy, an advanced energy startup, develops a new energy dense generation of clean power systems. Bourne's solution is based on the fact that while most regions of the planet have at least one commercially viable renewable energy source (wind, solar, hydro, geo, biomass), there are others that have more than one renewable source available at the same site. Bourne Energy's dual energy system, the "Fusion Power Panel", is designed to harness energy from both solar and hydro sources at the same site at the same time. This unit raises its energy density to a higher level than other clean power systems, and enough to be competitive with fossil fuels.

Bourne's new Fusion Power Panel ( combines its award winning expertise in hydrokinetic (damless) technologies with marinized solar panels to create a floating hybrid power system. This unique power technology produces up to triple the power output of a comparable size solar panel while offering continuous power output. The low, streamlined panels are designed to be moored in rivers, canals, tidal flows and aqueducts. Solar panels on the topside of the float capture the sun's power while micro-hydrokinetic turbines on the bottom harness hydropower from the passing current. Together they silently produce power without being interrupted by clouds, rain or even nightfall.
This unique combination also boosts power output of both the solar and hydro components. The surrounding water is used to cool the PV panel increasing output by up to 10%. It is also used to spray dust and dirt off the surface of the PV panels which can rob up to 30% of the power. Further, this configuration eliminates the need for foundations and supports that make up as much as 40% of total PV systems costs. The floating platform also provides a strong, stable, cost-effective operating and maintenance foundation for the hydrokinetic turbine array. Finally, the units operate silently and offer very low visual impact while requiring no footprint on the ground or dam in the water.
The potential market for such a high performance renewable energy system stretches around the globe. Asia has a distinct advantage because it is home to the largest number of high power dual energy solar/hydro sites in the world. These sites include rivers in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia, tidal flows in China and Korea as well as canals in Japan and aqueducts in Japan and China. The Fusion Power Panel's strong, steady, zero-fuel power output makes it particularly valuable for: backup power for data centers and nuclear plants, baseline and backup power for IoT, as well as remote power charging stations for EVs and ROVs. This technology can bring electricity to a large group of Asian people who still live off the grid, bypassing the need for installation of expensive grid lines. This technology offers Asia the opportunity to reduce air pollution and foreign currency exchange costs and a big step forward toward a zero-carbon economy.
About Bourne Energy
Bourne Energy, Inc. ("Bourne"), a renewable energy company, plans to commercialize its proprietary river, tidal, wave, ocean current and energy recovery power technology over the next three years. Bourne plans to initially commercialize its renewable energy technology by licensing the technologies to companies across Asia, Africa and the Americas.
Company Description
Bourne Energy was founded in 2005 for the purpose of developing technology that generates carbon-free electricity from hydro-kinetic power sources. Bourne has accomplished its mission by successfully developing several proprietary renewable power technologies and building an extensive portfolio of US and international patents.

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