Israel Electric Corporation Installs Breakthrough GenCell Fuel Cell Technology To Support Redundancy of Key Infrastructure and Critical Points

GenCell, the leading Israeli-based fuel cell developer and manufacturer, today at European Utilities Week 2016 (Israel Country Pavilion - 3F109), announces that the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) has agreed to be a GenCell strategic partner, also installing the company’s unique GenCell G5 back-up fuel cell solution.

Petah Tikva, Israel, November 15, 2016 - GenCell, the leading Israeli-based fuel cell developer and manufacturer, today at European Utilities Week 2016 (Israel Country Pavilion - 3F109), announces that the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) has agreed to be a GenCell strategic partner, also installing the company's unique GenCell G5 back-up fuel cell solution.

During power outages at its southern data-rooms and telecommunications division, the IEC's new GenCell solution provides reliable and sustainable back-up power to keep its critical systems operational. Enabling a quick start-up once the grid returns, the GenCell G5 supports the IEC's server's and essential computer systems, as well as other IEC telecommunications and radio networks. For IEC customers including businesses, consumers and other essential public services, this means a significant reduction in service disruption and any associated costs.
Dov Cohen, Senior Vice President Operations & Logistics IEC comments: "The IEC prides itself on being one of the most advanced utilities suppliers in the world. Providing roughly 85% of Israel's electricity, our foundations are built on service reliability, availability, quality and environmental responsibility - as such, we're always looking at innovative technologies that could help us improve what we do.
"It was quite clear that the GenCell G5 was one such solution. Power outages are a fact of life, but ensuring that we have reliable and efficient back-up solutions is essential in managing those situations well. With the GenCell G5's remote maintenance capability, we saw valuable operational efficiencies, but it wasn't until we learnt about the G5's considerable sustainability benefits that we knew that the technology could be a great fit for our business. We decided to conduct a 15-month trial and we're delighted with the results. It performed perfectly and meant that we were happy to move the GenCell relationship into a commercial mode."
Based on proven space technology and further developed by some of the world's leading energy scientists, the GenCell G5 can be used in both extreme environments and urban settings. A completely clean process, the GenCell generator does not emit any CO2. Requiring very low maintenance, the GenCell G5 uses an innovative proprietary Network Operations Center system (NOC), which allows all performance monitoring and analysis to be done remotely. Producing 5kW of steady power, the fully certified GenCell G5 hydrogen-based fuel cell is a cost effective, reliable, and more efficient energy solution than existing back-up power solutions, such as diesel generators.
Also available for the utilities market is the GenCell G5rx, providing immediate and reliable, long-term back-up power to Utility battery rooms. Allowing substations to operate their breakers upon sensing power loss. When the grid goes down, the GenCell G5rx kicks-in to charge utility back-up batteries and keep them at full power for up to 10 times longer than normal battery rooms.
Rami Reshef, GenCell CEO Comments: "We are very proud to have the IEC as a GenCell customer and strategic partner. They have best-in-class technology and business processes including power distribution, cyber security and security in general. We are of course delighted with the initial IEC results, and look forward to exploring how GenCell technology, specifically the GenCell G5rx, could be used to support their substations, power plants, radio towers and mobile battery rooms more widely in the future."

About GenCell
Founded in 2011, GenCell is a leading provider of innovative fuel cell power backup solutions. The company has created a unique, green and cost-effective platform, based on proven space technology and suitable for a variety of sectors in both extreme environments and urban surroundings. GenCell employs world renowned PhD's with hundreds of cumulative years of experience in the energy industry. The company headquarters are located in Israel, operating globally with offices also in North America and Latin America.

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