GermanSolar USA Introduces Its Leading High-Quality 300W-60cell PV Panel GermanSolar with the Newest PERC Cell-Technology

Leading High-Quality 300W-60cell PV Panel GermanSolar with the Newest PERC Cell-Technology. GermanSolar with Quality Value Made for America

GermanSolar USA announced the introduction of the GermanSolar 300W-60cell PremiumLine Black and Silver panel with the newest PERC cell-technology adding its highest power class 60cell PV panel to its high performing mono crystalline 60cell panel-line. GermanSolar uses only premium materials to insure built-in durability of its superb panels. To thoroughly eliminate the possibility of hotspot formation, strict control-criteria mandate a thermal picture of each cell before and after processing.

GermanSolar's high performing PV panels are distributed by its 100% owned subsidiary GermanSolar USA, Inc. through its warehousing operations with support- and sales-services in the U.S.A.
"Being one of the only few top solar panel producer who are capable of producing a 300W-60cell PV panel shows the credibility of GermanSolar. We are proud to be among the best companies. Our ultimate goal is to provide high quality PV panels you can trust with a very affordable price point. Our panels most likely have the best price-performance ratio at a high quality value level. We provide quality that the PV market needs and support the U.S. solar market, too," said Georg Eversheim, Managing Director of GermanSolar USA, Inc.
GermanSolar USA continues to broaden its high-quality and top-performing PV panel-series from poly crystalline cells PowerLine GSP6-60 270W to mono crystalline PremiumLine from 285W to 300W 60cell with the GSMP6-60 285W, GSMP6-60 290W, GSMP6-60 295W and GSMP6-60 300W. For more information please call 1-760-727-0700 or email us at info(at) Please visit
GermanSolar started in 2001 in Cottbus, Germany, to produce high quality PV panels. GermanSolar's leadership team provides over 25 years experience in the PV field.

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