U.S. Green Technology Announces Green Job Search Partnership with The Green Job Bank

U.S. Green Technology teams up with The Green Job Bank to share more than 10,000 Green Job listings with employment seekers.

Chicago, IL April 18, 2012

U.S. Green Technology – a site that shares news and information about the latest advancements in entrepreneurship, green technologies and green jobs – is expanding its efforts to help employment seekers in today's struggling economy through a new arrangement with The Green Job Bank, which will supply a Green Jobs Board featuring more than 10,000 unique job opportunities.

"Investments in U.S. green technology products and services are being well received by customers, and as the green economy shows signs of continued long-term profitable growth, so has demand for our green-focused content and website offerings," said John Courtney, President of U.S. Green Technology. "With over 10,000 green job listings, we are excited to partner with The Green Job Bank, which fits into U.S. Green Technology's long-term strategy to converge Main Street with Green Street and provide a one-stop shop for green technology media."

The Green Job Bank is the leading, most comprehensive search engine for employment in the quickly growing green economy, featuring renewable energy jobs such as those in the solar, wind and geothermal sectors. The new Green Jobs Board at U.S. Green Technology will allow job seekers to have all of the resources they need in one place to find a job and research the green companies for which they want to work. The Green Jobs Board essentially produces 10,000 unique green job postings from thousands of green employers' websites and other job boards.

"We are very pleased to partner with U.S. Green Technology and offer our 10,000 green job listings to their website visitors," said Bernard Ferret, Founder and CEO of The Green Job Bank. "The green industry is growing faster than any other market segment, and it is critical that green employers find the workforce they need to continue and increase this growth. The Green Job Bank's strong commitment to helping the growth of the green industry is demonstrated by this new partnership that is making our green job search engine available to a much larger audience."

About U.S. Green Technology
U.S. Green Technology was established in January of 2009 with the goal of making readers aware of the new technology being released throughout the United States to combat climate change, and it also aims to help readers to make a dent in the amount of waste they produce. Climate change has many negative effects on agriculture, human health, fresh water sources and the lives of organisms.
U.S. Green Technology already has offered a green jobs board powered by Simply Hired for employers to post green jobs for job seekers interested in industries such as clean energy, renewable fuels information technology, green building and green transportation. In addition, U.S. Green Technology has launched a free business directory for companies to promote their products and services.

About The Green Job Bank
With well over 10,000 current green job postings, The Green Job Bank is the leading search engine for green jobs. The search engine, launched in 2009, crawls the web daily to provide the freshest listings available from thousands of websites. The listings come from green employers, green recruiters, non-profit organizations, trade associations, research labs, green job boards, and venture funded green startups. The site includes a directory of hundreds of green employer profiles and green education programs, enabling job seekers to research easily the green companies for which they want to work, and the training and certifications they need to obtain their dream green job.

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