Bayfield County Commissions Area’s First Multi-Building Microgrid with Redcloud EMS

muGrid Analytics is delivering resilient backup power and utility cost savings to critical infrastructure in upper Wisconsin.

LITTLETON, Colorado; February 6, 2024— Bayfield County in northern Wisconsin recently commissioned the area's first multi-building microgrid at their Courthouse and Jail. This innovative distributed energy system integrates solar PV, battery energy storage, and backup diesel generation to provide critical power in the event of a grid outage. By combining the buildings into one microgrid, the County was also able to decommission an aging diesel generator.

Funded in part by an Energy Innovation Grant from the State of Wisconsin's Public Service Commission Office of Energy Innovation and the Federal Investment Tax Credit, this microgrid serves as the first project in Xcel Energy's Empower Resilience program. The project team included Bayfield County, Cheq Bay Renewables, Current Energy Storage, Hyde Renewables, Jolma Electric, Madison Solar Consulting, muGrid Analytics, and Xcel Energy.

muGrid assisted the County from start to finish by performing the feasibility analysis, architecting the microgrid, and working with Current Energy Storage to integrate the battery system. muGrid then installed their Redcloud Energy Management System (EMS) at the site to continuously operate the Current Energy Storage battery during grid-connected mode.

muGrid's Redcloud EMS uses predictive analytics to actively manage the operation of the battery. Redcloud is expected to reduce the County's utility demand and energy costs by charging the battery when energy rates are low and discharging during periods when demand is high or when solar is producing less due to clouds or snow cover.

"This technology is saving money, reducing emissions and increasing efficiency while supporting the grid," said Bill Bailey, project partner and president of Wisconsin-based Cheq Bay Renewables. "It's a win for everyone."

About: muGrid Analytics helps clients maximize returns on energy investments and make smart, data-driven choices that put solar, energy storage, and microgrid projects in the ground. muGrid provides innovative solutions for distributed energy resource performance throughout the project lifecycle, from feasibility analysis, to engineering, to operations. muGrid is a certified woman-owned small business based in Littleton, Colorado.

About: Current Energy Storage has been designing, manufacturing, and commissioning Energy Storage Systems for the past 7 years. These systems are pre-engineered and pre-assembled. CES's experience working with a wide variety of energy storage applications allows us to help EPC's and developers successfully integrate batteries into renewable projects. We pride ourselves in working with all our clients from system design and size optimization through to the final steps of system commissioning and training.

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