Development of hydropower plants under the V.O.D.A project as a type of alternative energy sources

The V.O.D.A project defines the development by a team of specialists of new hydropower plants for generating electricity using the kinetic energy of a liquid created forcibly by an external device and (or) natural environmental factors. The project is aimed at introducing technological innovations and developing alternative sources of electricity using laws of nature: the force of gravity and the property of liquid.

The V.O.D.A project provides for research, studies, development and design work to achieve the indicators, design-and-engineering solutions necessary and sufficient for the design and production of technical power generating devices for universal or specialized applications in industry, at infrastructure facilities for various purposes.

At the initial stage, the implementation of the V.O.D.A project is carried out by "WETER" LLC, established for the implementation of research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, devices (systems) for the production and transmission (distribution) of electricity, urban infrastructure systems. During the implementation of the project, for the progressive development of a new hydropower plant having an inventive level and industrial applicability with the name "Energy Generator", cooperation with scientific, design and other institutions (organizations) of the relevant profile with competence in the development and design of hydropower plants is expected.
WETER LLC actively promotes the V.O.D.A project and participates in the development of new efficient power generating devices that do not have a harmful effect on the environment.
The company has developed a number of concepts for the combined placement and use of energy installations under development in the infrastructure of modern cities (settlements) and in the construction of megacities of the future.
The company has a production and research office in the UAE: TIAGLIN HUB, WETER LLC; UAE, DUBAI, DIP 1, W10.
Information about WETER LLC, the V.O.D.A project and the investment program of participation are available on the Official Website:
The technological process of generating electricity by a hydropower plant is determined by the technically complex design of the Energy Generator, which is based on the use of gravity and the buoyant force of a liquid (Archimedes force) alternately (cyclically).
The proposed technical solution has a closed cycle of operation, the technological process is isolated from the environment and has no harmful factors.
The claimed technical solution defines a complex, combined design of the device, where the technological process of generating electric energy is based on the laws of nature.
The energy generator is capable of producing electricity due to the kinetic energy of a moving liquid having a constant volume in an airtight vessel - a vertical cylinder, which at the same time is the space in which the piston moves.
The generation of electricity by a generator connected to a turbine on a piston, which sets the motion alternately down and up by the force of gravity and the buoyant force of the piston by a liquid (Archimedes force), respectively. The piston, turbine (generator power drive) and generator form a movable module. The piston moves in a cylindrical sealed cylinder (housing) filled with a liquid with a constant total volume. When the piston moves downwards, liquid flows through the holes and channel of the movable module from the cylindrical space under the piston into the cylinder cavity above the piston. When the piston moves upwards, the liquid flows in the opposite direction. This cyclic movement of the liquid sets the rotation of the turbine and the generation of electricity by the generator. The cavity in the lower part of the piston creates a positive buoyancy of the movable module (upward movement). Pressure relief in the cavity above and below the piston is carried out by mechanical valves.
In a hydropower plant, various devices can be used that create pressure under the piston, including those using renewable (natural) energy sources, which can define the Energy Generator as an environmentally safe technical solution for electricity production.
Such an effective technical solution of an electric generating device can arouse public interest, attract the attention of specialists, and the V.O.D.A. project itself has prospects in its implementation. A hydropower plant can be in demand in the market of alternative energy sources and find wide application in infrastructure that provides human life with high efficiency, taking into account the growing demand for electricity, depletion of traditional energy sources, unfavorable habitat, high technological and operational costs for the production and transmission of electricity.

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