Development of alternative sources of electricity and development of original WPP through the W.E.T.E.R project

The W.E.T.E.R project is aimed at developing efficient vertical-axis wind power complexes structurally and functionally combining a building with a wind power plant in the modular construction of independent power generating sections, which defines an innovative technical solution for generating electricity using an inexhaustible energy source - wind. The project promotes the introduction of technological innovations and the development of alternative sources of electricity using a renewable energy source.

The W.E.T.E.R project provides for research, studies, development and design work to achieve indicators, design-and-engineering solutions sufficient for the design of various models of wind power complexes with a view to their subsequent construction (creation) and use (application) in urban areas, settlements and remote areas from cities (settlements).

The basis of the wind energy complex is a technical solution that has an inventive level and is recognized in different countries of the world under the name "Wind Power Installation".
According to the proposed new technical solution, the design of the wind energy complex consists of an electric generating unit with a vertically axis construction of a blade system in combination with a building formed by at least three radially arranged structures that perform the function of concentrating the flow of ambient air. The air corridor created by radially located structures allows the formation of enhanced wind flows in any direction for optimal effect on the blade system and even with the variability of wind speed. Additionally, the wind farm can be equipped with air fairings to increase the efficiency of the effect of concentrated airflow on the blade system of the installation. The design of the aerodynamic elements and the mechanical part of the installation allows to place several independent blade systems (power generating modules, sections) on the same axis, receiving different effects of the air flow in height, which provides an increase in the power of the installation and the possibility of building a high-rise structure of the wind energy complex. The modular construction of the mechanical parts of the installation makes it compact; it does not require a large area to accommodate complex wind farms. Additionally, the design and aerodynamic scheme of the complex can be supplemented with other elements, and the possibility of a significant change in its design is also allowed.
This technical solution for the production of electricity allows the construction of such power plants in the immediate vicinity of consumers in a complex with buildings and facilities for a wide range of purposes. This makes it possible to integrate such complexes into urban infrastructure as additional, auxiliary sources of electricity, and also does not exclude their use as autonomous sources of electricity in isolated territories. The design of the complex allows it to constantly generate electricity due to the movement of air masses even at low wind speeds (from 3 m/s) and a change in its direction.
Interest in wind power plants using a renewable energy source is relevant due to the constant increase in electricity needs in megacities and isolated territories. Such power plants are widely used in many economically developed countries to cover the shortage of electricity in cities and the economy, reduce environmental pollution and use hydrocarbon energy sources.
The long-term goal of the W.E.T.E.R project is to participate in the creation of new cities, the development of modern cities, alternative energy to overcome the dependence of the electric power industry on the use of hydrocarbon resources, the shortage of electricity and reducing its cost, infrastructural development of territories, and improving environmental safety.
The project is implemented by WETER LLC, established to carry out research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, devices (systems) for the production and transmission (distribution) of electricity, and urban infrastructure systems. In its activities, the company cooperates with scientists, specialists and specialized institutions (organizations) to obtain the necessary project results. The ongoing research activities, development work, calculations and design of the object under development indicate the prospects of development and the possibility of widespread use. The company actively promotes and participates in the development of electric generating devices that do not have a harmful effect on the environment.
The company has developed a number of concepts for the combined placement and use of energy installations under development in the infrastructure of modern cities (settlements) and in the construction of megacities of the future, the creation of efficient facilities.
The company has a production and research office in the UAE: TIAGLIN HUB, WETER LLC; UAE, DUBAI, DIP 1, W10.
Information about WETER LLC, the W.E.T.E.R project and the investment program of participation are available on the Official Website:

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