"The fuel is free. All you have to do is collect it."


"The fuel is free. All you have to do is collect it."

WILMINGTON, NC, July 15, 2010 - According to Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC, a turn-key solar installation provider, there is no reason to build a new home without a solar water heating system installed. The after tax cost of installing a solar water heater, together with above average ROI figures resulting from 20-30% reductions in energy costs, justify the installation of solar thermal systems in existing homes. As every new house has some sort of water heating system expense, this further offsets the overall installation cost of a solar water heater, which makes this alternative energy solution even more attractive. When the economics of solar thermal systems are understood, there is no financial reason not to have them as a standard feature on any new home. They should be as common as insulation or energy efficient appliances.

As solar makes its way into the residential market, it is becoming a standard feature, especially in new construction. At the same time, commercial sites are also realizing the tremendous advantages that a solar water heating system can offer. „There is no reason why a hotel, restaurant, gym or any other building with a high demand for hot water should not have a solar thermal system installed," says John Donoghue, President of Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC. However, as Mr. Donoghue further points out, „the good news is that, as we meet and discuss the economics of these systems with local builders, both residential and commercial, the overall interest in solar is rising rapidly." Solar is a source of clean, long lasting and renewable energy that supports the demand for energy independence.

This demand influences the current building industry and home owners have begun to ask to have their architectural designs made solar friendly. "In reality it means, when designing a new home, the proposal is already drafted with a specific roof angle facing south, in order to maximize solar energy production. The new home is ‘made ready for solar' by running any required wires or plumbing at the time of construction in order to prepare for a solar installation, which adds minimum cost, yet significant value to the new property" states Eric Lazzari, Owner of Lazzari Construction, Inc. and a Certified Green Professional.

"The fuel is free. All you have to do is collect it" highlights John Reynolds, F.A.I.A., chair of the American Solar Energy Society Board in his article "Always In Hot Water" published in Solar Today. Given the constantly increasing energy rates and solar economics, solar thermal systems should be automatically included in all new construction, whether it is for a residential, commercial or an industrial application.

About Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC
Cape Fear Solar Systems, LLC (CFSS) is fully licensed, insured and NABCEP certified alternative energy solutions provider. As a solar expert, CFSS offers a wide range of solar panels for solar water heating (DHW), photovoltaic (PV, solar electric) and solar pool heating for residential and commercial applications. With in-house design and engineering, CFSS provides complete solar installations including management of all necessary permits and approvals, assistance during the application process for State and Federal investment tax credits and consulting on community guidelines (HOA/POA/ARB/ACC). CFSS is an authorized dealer for SunPower solar panels, the world's most efficient solar modules, solar thermal systems from Apricus and Schüco, and Solar Service's pool heating systems.

Experience in solar installations and an authorized dealer for the most efficient solar brands makes CFSS the local leader in turnkey solar solutions. CFSS seeks to promote education about solar power and its benefits. To learn more about the company and its green services, please visit www.CapeFearSolarSystems.com.

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