We offer a full range of mounting solutions for comp/asphalt shingle, tile, metal shingle, shake, slate and low slope commercial roofs. In addition, we will showcase Quick Rack, our patented rail-free mounting system.

Solar Power International 2017 Q&A with QuickMount PV

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Your company will be exhibiting at SPI 2017, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?  

This is a great opportunity to connect with our customers and showcase our new and existing products and programs. 


What can a visitor to your booth expect to see this year?

We offer a full range of mounting solutions for comp/asphalt shingle, tile, metal shingle, shake, slate and low slope commercial roofs. In addition, we will showcase Quick Rack, our patented rail-free mounting system.


Any new products you will be introducing?

Yes, we are introducing many new products to enhance existing product lines, as well as extend our limited product warranty to 25 years. “It makes no sense for PV modules to be warranted longer than their mounting system. Our decade-long experience with more than ten million mounts installed without a single roof leak gives us confidence that we can make a 25-year promise to our customers.”

L-Mount Series for Comp/Asphalt Shingle Roofs

The industry’s fastest mount just got faster!

Quick Mount PV engineered our patented Elevated Water Seal Technology® into an integrated L-foot and flashing for a cost effective, super fast, single-bolt installation with unparalleled waterproofing. The L-Mount Series comes in single- and double-slot L-foot options for maximum versatility, and rotates 360 degrees to accommodate the rail or racking system of choice. Engineered for code compliance and industry best practices.


  • Features patented QBlock® Elevated Water Seal Technology®
  • Integrated L-foot and flashing
  • Aluminum flashing with alignment guides and rounded corners
  • All stainless steel hardware included
  • Available in single or double slot configuration
  • Works with all leading racks
  • Available in mill or black finish

Tile Replacement Flashing for Hooks

No More Tile Grinding!

Quick Mount PV’s Tile Replacement Flashing for tile hooks provides a fast, simple and versatile way to install solar on tile roofs. The flashing replaces a tile, so there’s no messy, time-consuming tile grinding or cutting required. Works with all standard curved and flat tile roofs, and all standard rail-based racking systems. The Tile Replacement Flashing for tile hooks is fully engineering to meet code requirements and industry best practices.


  • Clean and simple: no time-consuming, messy tile grinding or cutting
  • Versatile: works with Flat, S- and W-shaped tile profiles
  • Tile Hook and Flashing sold separately
  • Works with all leading racks
  • Available in mill or black finish


QBox™ - Electrical Junction Box

The QBox™ is a flashed junction box with Quick Mount PV patented Elevated Water Seal Technology®, and provides a waterproof pass-through for conduit from the box enclosure to the attic. QBox comes fully equipped with fasteners to install to the roof deck, fittings for through-the-deck conduit attachment and wire nuts to transition or combine up to two (2) strings of conductors. Available mid-August.


  • 12"x12" anodized aluminum flashing with patented Elevated Water Seal Technology®
  • Waterproof pass-through for conduit from QBox enclosure to the attic
  • Made from durable and weather resistant polycarbonate
  • Can be used to transition a single string, two parallel strings, or two combined strings


Solar Power International has many educational sessions, is your company involved in any of them this year?  

Quick Mount PV  is committed to continually developing training and education programs that help installers improve the longevity, reliability, and value of rooftop solar PV installations.




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Quick Mount PV

Quick Mount PV

The industry standard for 100% code-compliant, waterproof solar roof mounts. Quick Mount PV pioneered solar roofing best practices and provides training to designers, inspectors, distributors and installers. The Classic Composition and Shake Mounts are ICC-certified, and the QBase Comp, QBase Universal Tile, and QBase Low Slope Mounts feature the strongest roof attachment available. The highly adaptable Quick Hook® is the industry's first flashed tile hook mount. Made in the USA.

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