The latest technology in heat flux measurement from Hukseflux

After the successful launch of the five models of the FHF05 series heat flux sensors earlier this year, Hukseflux - the world market leader in heat flux measurement - now introduces two new products: FHF05SC series and HTR02 series.

The two models of FHF05SC series are a self-calibrating version of the FHF05 heat flux sensors with integrated heater. The two models of HTR02 series are heaters that can be used for calibration and verification of performances of all models of FHF05 series. These two products help you to perform a calibration, to do a self-test, or to do functionality checks of FHF05 heat flux models. It helps you to attain higher accuracy with your heat flux measurement. We are proud to present you these two new series with the latest technology to help you with your analysis and decision making!

FHF05SC series: Heat flux sensor with integrated heater
FHF05SC series is a combination of our standard model FHF05 heat flux sensor and an integrated heater.

The heater allows you to perform self-tests, verifying sensor functionality and stability during use, without having to remove the sensor.

FHF05SC series is ideal for high-accuracy and long-term heat flux measurement, construction of calorimeters, (zero heat flux) core temperature measurement and thermal conductivity test equipment.

Available in two models: standard model size 50X50 mm and a larger size of 85X85 mm.

HTR02 series: Heater for optimal performance checks
HTR02 series is a heater that simplifies heat flux sensor performance checks.

It has a cable with 4-wires, a known surface area and electrical resistance. It is used for functionality checks of heat flux sensors like FHF05 series.

You can now easily and objectively check the sensor performance before and after use.

HTR02 series is available in two different models: 50x50 mm and 85x85 mm.

FHF05 series: The complete range of heat flux sensors
FHF05 series is the product range to start looking if you consider measuring heat flux. Models are available in five different dimensions and sensitivities.

Not familiar with the FHF05 series heat flux sensors that we introduced earlier? Click on the button above this article to read more about the FHF05 series, the FHF05SC series and the HTR02 series.

About Hukseflux
Hukseflux is the leading expert in measurement of energy transfer. The company designs and manufactures sensors and measuring systems that support the energy transition. Hukseflux is the market leader in solar radiation- and heat flux measurement. Customers are served through the main office in the Netherlands, and locally owned representations in the USA, Brazil, India, China, South East Asia and Japan.

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