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93.75% pure hydrogen on-demand. US Patent #8535493 B2 - A hydrogen generator that depends on the number (ratio) of included anodes versus cathodes can produce between 50% to 90% (and more) pure hydrogen gas. To achieve such remarkable performance we are placing/installing one rod (anode) in the center. Then, depending on the radius and design of the cell, we install several cathodes (in circular arrays) around each anode respectively. The surface area of the cathode (negative electrode) will break the molecules of the water to form pure hydrogen gas. For example, one design option is as follows: Imagine a cell containing one anode/electrode in the center and eight cathodes/electrodes in close proximity in a circular array around it. By assembly in such an arrangement, the ratio of produced hydrogen/oxygen gas changes from the standard 2:1 to a remarkable 16:1. In effect, the produced gas becomes 93.75% rich in hydrogen and 6.25% oxygen. This patent is for sale and any considerable offer will be looked at. I would welcome any constructive criticism, discussion, or opinions regarding this subject. My funds are limited and I welcome any help or assistance regarding expansion of this project for commercial and industrial use. You can help by visiting:  Adam Kasprzak 91220 Overseas Hwy 101 Tavernier, FL 33070 e-mail:

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91220 Overseas Hwy 101
Tavernier, Florida 33070
United States of America

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Keywords: Ninety percent (90 % plus) Hydrogen on demand

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