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HY-FCELL CANADA, Jun 05 - 07 2023, Vancouver, Canada

The exhibition will focus on hydrogen generation and infrastructure, fuel cell components and systems, their production technology, and application areas for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies, along with research, development and specialized services.

How Do Wind Turbines Work in Cold Temperatures?

Many people wonder if wind turbines can function in cold weather. The answer is more complex than they might hope. Here are some specifics to consider and examples of relevant research.

Lithium Ion Battery Recycling

There has been a lot of discussion from students and instructors on SEI’s campus regarding lithium battery recycling. SEI’s Lab Manager and Instructor, Alex Jahp, was able to put together some information for our students and staff on the topic.

Floating Solar Panels: The Future of Renewable Energy?

The biggest commercial benefits of floating solar can be found in areas where land is sparse and/or expensive. Using floating solar in these areas can be significantly more cost-effective, help generate income from otherwise unused bodies of water

Why Carbon Capture Remains Key In The US

Green hydrogen is a promising technology, but it can’t eliminate carbon dioxide emissions quickly enough. Carbon capture is a critical stop on the road to zero emissions in the US.

Breaking Through Clean Energy Barriers

The U.S. is at a critical point in the energy transition where there’s not yet enough renewable generation, yet there’s just enough to threaten the economic viability of fossil-fuel–fired generation, leaving a reliability concern for system operators.

Producing Low-cost Green Hydrogen Using Renewable Energy

NewHydrogen’s oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst replaces iridium with low cost, earth-abundant materials that meet or exceed the performance characteristics of iridium.

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Terabase Energy Launches Terafab Automated Field Factory to Accelerate the Deployment of Solar Power Plants

Terafab is designed to enable the exponential growth of utility-scale solar PV by introducing construction automation and digitization to transform the way solar power plants are built.

SolarReviews releases the results of its 2022 Solar Industry Survey

The Report outlines key findings about how installers are responding to supply chain issues, labor shortages, and increased financing costs in the early days of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Busting EV myths - Breaking down the biggest misconceptions surrounding EVs

With more than a quarter of a million new electric car registrations last year, uptake of EVs is definitely on the increase. More than one in five of us expect to be driving an EV within the next five-to-ten years.

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Innovative Energy Solutions Deliver a Sustainable Future

Seaflex mooring system equipped with Applied Fiber's innovative bypass design delivers the mooring system to secure Europe's largest floating solar field in a reservoir

Topsola's High-Efficiency TOPCon N-Type and HJT Solar Modules Land at SNEC 2023

Topsola is exhibiting its solar modules powered by TOPCon and heterojunction technology (HJT), offering exceptional performance, power output, and conversion rates. The TOPCon solar modules have a temperature coefficient of -0.3%/°C, ensuring optimal power generation in high-temperature environments, and boast low initial light-induced degradation (iLiD) of 1% and high bifaciality of over 80%.

Emergent Solar Energy starts the engines on Abel Construction's 210-kilowatt, roof-mounted solar project

The project will generate more than 287,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually

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Precedence Research
Precedence Research

Precedence Research

At Precedence Research we combine industry-leading insights with ground-breaking research techniques to help our clients successfully address their unique business challenges and achieve mission-critical goals. Our suite of services is designed to give tailwinds to businesses.

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We are a leading brand in annually producing hundreds of thousands of quality DC protection products and EV charging stations for complete and reliable solar photovoltaic, battery energy storage, and EV charging system. Certified by UL, SAA, CB, CE, TUV, UKCA, ISO, and RoHS, we have the first listed patented DC switch and produce creative solutions like the AFCI solution for rooftop fire protection, dynamic load balancing, and PEN fault detection EV charger.