Lidar Enabled Wind Turbine Technology Increases Speed to Market While Reducing Both Mass and Cost of the Turbine

Ocean Tomo Bid-Ask™ Market announces a LIDAR technology auction that reduces wind-power generation costs by improving turbine performance in the design process resulting in a 5-10% projected CapEx advantage.

Tigo Energy Raises $20 Million in Funding

Investment Will Bolster Customer Experience and Fund Market Expansion

Unico Solar Investors, Excelsior Energy Capital and Namast Solar break ground on four new community solar gardens totaling 8 MW

Subscription-based model available to both commercial and residential properties through Xcel Energy

Panasonic's Residential Solar Products and Installer Program Reach More Homeowners in High Growth Solar Markets

Panasonic promotes 13 certified installers in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Indiana and New Mexico

Atkore Launches New American Made Wire Basket with Quick Latching Design

Atkore is proud to announce the launch of EAGLE BASKET™, one of the strongest welded wire mesh cable management systems in the industry.

AutoGrid Awarded $2.25 Million from ARPA-E for Expanding VPP Co-Optimization and Electric Vehicle Management Capabilities

DOE funding recognizes Flex™ as a transformational technology for grid modernization efforts

World Market Leader SunBrush® mobil Breaks into the U.S. Market

The US branch office offers the whole range of SunBrush® mobil's solar panel cleaners, which can be mounted quickly and easily on carrier vehicles, such as tractors or wheel loaders and guarantee efficient and gentle cleaning either dry or wet.

Total and 174 Power Global to Jointly Develop 1.6 GW of Solar and Energy Storage Projects in the U.S.

The first project started production in 2020, and the remainder will be put on stream between 2022 and 2024. Located in Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming and Virginia the projects will produce clean and reliable energy across the U.S. and lead to the creation of jobs in engineering, construction and plant operations.

Canadian Solar Subsidiary Recurrent Energy Completes Sale and Breaks Ground on the Slate Project, Expected to Be One of the Largest PV + Battery Storage Projects in the U.S.

Project will provide low-cost solar power and grid reliability support to California

Enphase Energy and Solar Optimum Expand Partnership to Include Battery Storage

Solar Optimum will begin its deployment of Enphase Storage with homeowners across Southern California. The expansion of the partnership between the two companies will include closer collaboration on engineering, training, marketing, and customer support.

Micatu Secures $10 Million Investment from Wave Equity Partners for Disruptive Grid Optical Sensor Platform

Safe, reliable, accurate optical sensor technology allows utilities to mitigate grid disruption from increased renewable use

The Benefits of Pairing Geothermal With PV Systems

There are many advantages to enjoy when you use renewable energy. Did you know that you can incorporate more than one source to reap even more benefits? Take a look at why you might combine geothermal with photovoltaic or PV systems for maximum results.

2020 Ends With 429,000 Fewer Americans Employed in Clean Energy

• For first time, clean energy sector ends year with fewer workers than when it began • At current recovery rate, sector would not reach pre-COVID employment level until 2023 • Women and Hispanic workers lost jobs in December despite overall uptick in employment

Accurate synchronisation for offshore wind - Ensuring floating wind farms are a success with reliable remote monitoring

Floating wind farms would be unmanned and inaccessible, so if an outage was to occur, the operator would have to rely on remote monitoring technology to signal an issue.

Role of Zero Emission Vehicle in Global Market | Facts and Study

Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Market is growing rapidly as it does not emit any kind of pollutant from its power source, such as internal combustion (IC) engine. ZEV market is segmented based on power source, vehicle type and region.

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OMNISTAR GAS ANALYZER - Fast accurate analysis from % to sub-ppm in a compact, turnkey benchtop system.

OMNISTAR GAS ANALYZER - Fast accurate analysis from % to sub-ppm in a compact, turnkey benchtop system.

The Pfeiffer Vacuum OmniStar benchtop analysis system offers you a compact footprint, powerful software and Ethernet connectivity. It's the optimum solution for many real-time gas analysis applications. With the OmniStar, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers you a complete solution for gas analysis, in chemical processes, semiconductor industry, metallurgy, fermentation, catalysis, laser technology and environmental analysis. The turnkey OmniStar gas analysis system consists of heated, temperature-regulated gas inlet system, Quadrupole mass spectrometer, a dry diaphragm vacuum pump and HiPace turbopump. Unlike competing methods such as FTIR, OmniStar is suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of most gases.