Large-scale battery storage from Rolls-Royce to complement Zeewolde wind farm from 2025

• mtu EnergyPack system contributes to stable energy supply and supports energy transition • Battery park one of the largest battery projects in the Netherlands after completion with 2000m2 • Battery storage system expected to go into operation in autumn 2025

Solar and Storage: Latest Market Surveys Show Dynamic Growth

The number of large-scale PV power plants is growing rapidly, as is the number of residential, commercial and industrial PV installations combined with storage systems.

Olympic Champion and Team Panasonic Brand Ambassador Michael Phelps Embraces Solar at Home with Panasonic EVERVOLT® Solar Modules and Battery System

The 23-time Olympic gold medalist has teamed up with Panasonic to convert his Arizona home to solar power as part of his commitment to building a more sustainable future for tomorrow.

So you want to build a solar giga-factory?

As U.S. domestic production lines for solar modules kick off, some prospective manufacturers hope to simply buy a turnkey production line. This "factory in a box" approach can work but still requires careful planning and expert implementation.

Avangrid Receives Full Federal Approval for Construction of New England Wind Offshore Projects

The New England Wind 1 and New England Wind 2 projects have the potential to create thousands of jobs and provide enough clean, reliable energy to power nearly 1 million homes and businesses in the region.

Energy Storage Industry Takes Significant Steps to Lead on Safety and Support Communities

ACP published a model ordinance framework providing comprehensive guidance for state and local governments developing siting and permitting rules related to developing and operating utility-scale battery energy storage systems.

Trinasolar Powers Casella Family Brands' Landmark Solar Farm, the Largest in Australia's Beverage and Wine Industries*

The solar farm also marks a paradigm shift as it's the first in the entire Asia Pacific region to fully integrate Vanguard 2P trackers with these large format low voltage 650-655W modules.

Is the Era of Solid-State EV Batteries on the Horizon?

Not only are solid-state batteries becoming more advanced, but they must keep EV momentum alive around the world. They are projected to become a reality by the end of the 2020s. More makers will attempt to create models to scale production and cut costs.

How To Power the South Pole With Renewable Energy Technologies

The idea to shift away from diesel fuel specially formulated to withstand the extreme cold comes as scientists look toward future experiments.

NREL Biomass Technology a Cornerstone of SAFFiRE Renewables Biofuel Pilot Plant Going Up in Kansas

Working With Southwest Airlines, Conestoga Energy, and Others, SAFFiRE Renewables Plans To Use NREL Technology To Help Turn Corn Stover Into Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sungrow Shares 10 Major Technological Trends in Renewable Energy Industry

With an investment of 2.45 billion yuan (approximately 347 million) in R&D throughout 2023, the company stands at the forefront of technological innovation. Embracing their brand-new tagline "Bridge to a Sustainable Future".

Geothermal model gives key insights into extracting renewable energy from superhot, super deep rock

Geothermal energy from the superhot rock miles below our feet has the potential to become a major player in the energy transition, but first we need to develop ways to not only access those rocks, but also extract their heat.

The Next Big Disruption? How Advanced Seismic Imaging Could Impact the Energy Market

Advanced seismic imaging is revolutionizing the energy sector by enabling precise resource identification and optimizing extraction processes. This technology not only enhances efficiency but also paves the way for sustainable energy practices.

Energy Vault and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) Announce Exclusive Global Gravity Energy Storage Partnership to Integrate Energy Storage into Building Design

EVu is a superstructure tower design, which improves unit economics and enables GESS integration into tall buildings through the use of a hollowed structure with heights over 300 meters, and up to 1,000 meters tall.

Qcells Brings San Diego County's Largest Utility-Scale Solar Project Online

Qcells has commissioned the Ocotillo Wells Solar project in Borrego Springs, CA. The 50 MW solar and 200 MWh energy storage project is monumental as San Diego County's largest utility-scale renewable project and an economic growth opportunity for the community.

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SOLTEC – SFOne single axis tracker

SOLTEC - SFOne single axis tracker

SFOne is the 1P single-axis tracker by Soltec. This tracker combines the mechanical simplicity with the extraordinary expertise of Soltec for more than 18 years. Specially designed for larger 72 an 78 cell modules, this tracker is self-powered thanks to its dedicated module, which results into a lower cost-operational power supply. The SFOne has a 5% less piles than standard competitor, what reduces a 75% the labor time.