Corporate Sustainability Strategy within the Renewable Energy Industry

We recognize the potential for growth, innovation, and development in the shift towards a low-carbon economy, and our position allows us to leverage these opportunities for the benefit of our customers and the planet.

Winds Of Change For Vestas: 3D Printed Tooling Transforms Wind Turbines

There aren't a lot of technologies that can propel towering wind turbines to new heights of time and cost efficiencies, but large-format additive manufacturing rose to the challenge and delivered with its eclectic range of applications.

Bayer Unveils Groundbreaking Solar Energy Projects at Sites in New Jersey and California

A new solar array installation at Bayer's vegetable research and development site in Woodland, CA will provide 70% of the site's electrical energy demand.

CATL's Liyang plant recognized as Lighthouse factory by World Economic Forum

To meet the soaring market demand and contribute to the global efforts to fight climate change, CATL's Liyang plant has leveraged innovations including artificial intelligence (AI), 3D-printing and big data analytics to boost productivity and sustainability.

End-of-Life Li-ion Battery Sustainability: Its Crucial Role Over the Coming Years

As the demand for Li-ion batteries increases, so does the need to manage their sustainability throughout their entire lifecycle, including raw material extraction and processing, battery use or reuse and, importantly, at end-of-life (EOL).

From Challenge to Opportunity: Developing Sustainable Energy Solutions in Time

As we reach the halfway point since the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed in 2015, CEO of AW-Energy, Christopher Ridgewell, reflects on what has been achieved and the path ahead to 2030.


Offering Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Convenience, LG's Innovative Housing Solution Seamlessly Merges Space with Smart Home Appliances and Services


The Industry's Strong Circular Economy Keeps 160 Million Batteries from Landfills Annually; Creates Near-Zero Waste Model of Sustainability

Lithium Ion Battery Recycling

There has been a lot of discussion from students and instructors on SEI's campus regarding lithium battery recycling. SEI's Lab Manager and Instructor, Alex Jahp, was able to put together some information for our students and staff on the topic.

Taylor Farms Taps Bloom Energy, Ameresco and Concept Clean Energy to Take California Fresh Vegetable Production Facility Off the Grid

Taylor Farms is completing the installation 2MW of solar power at its facility in San Juan Bautista, California, which will be combined with 6MW of fuel cells from Bloom Energy and a 2MW/4MWh battery into a microgrid designed to power the entire 450,000 sq. ft. facility.

Using transparent solar power for cultivating crops

NextGen Nano has released an infographic highlighting how the production of solar-powered glazing for greenhouse windows can help contribute to a sustainable future.

How We Can Protect Raw Materials for an Energy Transition

Transitioning to a world with net-zero emissions is a tall task. Protecting raw materials is one of the greatest challenges of such a massive energy transition.

The Importance of Solar Panel and PV Management Equipment Recycling

Solar panels contain hazardous materials. If they get into our landfills, our environment and our entire ecosystem will be effected. In our industry, solar panels been considered to be part of the "last mile" of electronic waste that needs to be responsibly recycled.

Battery Recycling Can Lead to a Better Future for Energy Resources

Various business sectors and local and federal government agencies are increasingly looking to lead batteries as a vital energy resource. Lead-acid batteries are nearly 100-percent recycled in a closed-loop system and represent a sustainable resource.

Powering Towards a Sustainable Future

The solar industry in the USA creates 260,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector annually, making it 17 times faster than other industries. With the USA leading the race for solar power, the rest of the countries are also following suit.

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Raptor Maps - The integrated operating system for end-to-end solar management

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