Noodoe Announces Advanced EV Charging For EV Fleet Owners - Load Management, Autonomous Operation and Smart Scheduling Keep Fleets Ready to Roll

Noodoe, a global leader in EV charging technology, has announced three new technologies for managing EV fleet charging; Autonomous Service Delivery, Intelligent Load Management and Smart Scheduling.

Heliogen Raises $108 Million to Advance New Non-Intermittent Renewable Energy Technology for Heat, Power, and Green Hydrogen

Two funding rounds accelerate global deployment of Heliogen's breakthrough AI-assisted concentrated solar thermal technology

DroneBase Achieves 37 GW of Aerial and Data Analytics in Renewables Globally and Adds Energy Transition Ventures to Series C

Capping A Year Of Growth In Solar And Wind Energy, As Well As Welcoming New Executives In Renewables, Dronebase Closes $12.5 Million

Boralex and Sun'Agri Join Forces to Develop Agrivoltaics in Europe

Through the use of solar louvres designed and programmed to meet plants' ideal conditions, agrivoltaics can help manage available sunlight or shade, thereby increasing crop quality and quantity.

U.S. Solar Market Eclipses 100 Gigawatts

Solar industry accounts for 58% of all new electric generating capacity but begins to see first signs of rising costs

JinkoSolar Recognized as "Overall High Achiever" in RETC's 2021 PVMI Report

RETC's PVMI Report compiles and ranks its independent test data, identifying the industry's leading PV module manufacturers and technologies. The report also highlights industry trends and features a section on "Evaluating Large-Format Modules" (LFM).


Students From 13 Universities Represent the Next Generation of Wind and Clean Energy Professionals

Businesses struggling to justify green investment in wake of pandemic despite commercial benefit

UK businesses appear to be struggling to justify investment in low-carbon technology because of the impact of COVID-19, according to new research.

V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) Technology Market Worth US$ 17.43 Bn By 2027

The vehicle to grid technology market will exhibit a humongous CAGR of 48 percent in the given projection period and is expected to reach US$ 17.43 billion by 2027.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Industry Register 40.7% Growth in 2027

The global EV charging station industry is projected to be valued at 39.2 (USD billion) by 2027 at a CAGR of 40.7% from 2020 to 2027.

NRL PRAM Mission: One Year and Still Going

PRAM is testing functional components of what would be part of a power satellite network that could transmit energy from space to anywhere on Earth. Since the launch, the team has been receiving data regularly.

Electricity policy costs disincentivise the household transition to low carbon technologies

The application of policy costs onto the electricity bill is a significant disincentive to electrify and transition to newer low-carbon heating technologies, according to a new insight paper from Cornwall Insight - Who pays for supporting the net zero transition?

ACORE Finance Forum to Feature Speakers from the Department of Energy, Congress and FERC

Register Now for the Virtual Event Experience on June 15-16

Hecate Energy Invests in Western New York with State's Largest Solar Farm

Elba and Oakfield Town Officials Credited with Forward Looking Approach to Tackling Twin Issues of Upstate Economic Development and Climate Change

Innovative Monitoring & Control Solution for ERTHOS' Revolutionary PV Solar System

Affordable, fast, quality. Pick all three! Solar Operations Solutions, LLC (Solar-Ops) develops and deploys a customized, all-in-one monitoring and control platform tailored to ERTHOS' revolutionary ground-based PV solar system: accelerating project commissioning, supporting long term operations, and lowering cost for overall system deployment.

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OMNISTAR GAS ANALYZER - Fast accurate analysis from % to sub-ppm in a compact, turnkey benchtop system.

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