Rewire-NW Smart Local Energy project gets funding green light

Heat network specialist Switch2 joins partners to design a smart local energy system for Warrington, following funding announcement from UK Research and Innovation.

LG Chem & Span Launch Energy Storage with Customizable Backup Power

The LG RESU home battery and Span smart panel provides customizable backup power and controllable home energy loads

Trimark Operations Center Announces Advanced Alerting System for Utility-Scale Solar Sites

Checks if equipment is online and operating correctly in real-time for quicker issue resolution eliminating costly site visits

SMUD's Neighborhood SolarShares program approved for new homes

Program will provide more solar options and increase renewable power sources

Array Technologies introduces RapidClamp for single-bolt module installation in 11 seconds

Solar module installation in 11 seconds per module when utilizing First Solar Series 6 modules with SpeedSlotTM along with new RapidClampTM on DuraTrack® HZ v3 single-axis solar trackers.

ABB strengthens grid stability and operational efficiency with Asset Performance Management solutions for power transformers

ABB's Power Grids business has launched its APM Edge solution for transformers to accommodate the growing complexity of grid operations to safeguard energy reliability and resilience - all whilst reducing capital investment and operational expense.

Schneider Electric's hybrid inverter Conext™ XW Pro gains HECO listing for the Hawaii market

-Schneider Electric's XW Pro Solar + Storage solution enables & optimizes self consumption and provides backup power when the grid goes down. End users and installers can remotely monitor and control their installation using Schneider Electric's cloud-based Insight 2 application with advanced data security. -The XW Pro customers can participate in HECO's Self-Supply and NEM Plus programs -Conext™ XW Pro hybrid inverter is compatible with HECO grid requirements specified in Rule 14H

New Solar Technology Could Generate Power at Night

This technology could represent a turning point in sustainable power. Scientists have been working for decades to make our way of life more environmentally friendly. One of the most critical aspects of this effort is to generate reliable alternative energy.

3megawatt Announces Global Partnership Network

Solar Job Growth Remains Modest Under Tariff Policy

This report represents modest growth in the solar job market, which contracted in 2017 due to the looming threat of the tariffs and again in 2018 during the first year of the tariffs. In 2019, tariffs continued to be a drag on jobs, preventing us from seeing the kind of growth we expected.

Renewable energy tops MSP growth prediction poll

- Sector seen as having greatest potential - above Fintech, food and drink and tourism - Attitudes changed by climate emergency and economic impact - Survey results come ahead of key conference for sector in Edinburgh

Rocky Mountain Institute and Clinton Foundation Launch New Guide for Hurricane-Resistant Rooftop Solar

The latest research from Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Clinton Foundation shows how select roof-mounted climate resistant solar installations in the Caribbean kept the power on during the unprecedented hurricane seasons over the last two years.

Canadian Solar Begins Construction on 26.6 MWp of Solar Power Plants in Japan

The first is a 13.6 MWp project in the Ibaraki Prefecture. The project will be powered by 33,098 pieces of Canadian Solar's high-efficiency MaxPower modules.

Solar Jobs Up Nationwide and in 31 States After Two Years of Losses

The U.S. solar industry employed nearly 250,000 workers in 2019, an increase of more than 5,600 jobs (or 2.3%) since 2018, according to the 10th annual National Solar Jobs Census released today by The Solar Foundation.

Minesto signs PPA with electric utility SEV for utility-scale tidal energy installations

Leading marine energy developer Minesto has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Faroese electric utility company SEV, advancing the parties' collaboration to integrate tidal energy in the Faroe Island's electricity mix. The PPA comprises both the planned installations of two 100kW systems of Minesto's subsea kite technology and an additional 2MW capacity allocated for installations of utility-scale tidal energy systems in the Faroe Islands.

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