The Importance of Infrared Fire Detection Systems for EV Battery Fires

In this article, we will delve into how companies can mitigate the risks associated with EV battery fires by incorporating advanced infrared fire detection systems, such as those provided by MoviTHERM.

New EV Charging Provider V-Go Join Forces with Replenishh as Exclusive Launch Partner

V-Go's new home, workplace and commercial smart charging range will be available through our exclusive launch distributor Replenishh who will provide full trade facilities and online purchasing.

Photovoltaic installers expect the installation of charging stations to become increasingly important in their field of business

More than 80 percent of the installers surveyed offer photovoltaic systems in addition to charging stations for electric cars, and around 10 percent even identify primarily as solar installers.

The Surging Energy Storage Market Demand and Untapped Potential

The energy storage market size was USD 50.82 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to reach around USD 167.90 billion by 2032, expanding at a CAGR of 14.20%.


More than 2,800 exhibitors and over 115,000 visitors from all around the world are expected to attend. The event will take place across 19 exhibition halls and an outdoor exhibition area.

Lumin Announces Pre-Release of Lumin Edge for Utilities, a Revolutionary New Grid Services Platform

The utility-targeted Lumin Edge pre-release focuses on delivering behind-the-meter analytics and superior load management tools.

FranklinWH and Solar Insure Partner to Elevate and Protect Whole-Home Energy Management

The FranklinWH will officially be listed on Solar Insure's Approved Vendor List (AVL) to deliver reliable, cutting-edge whole-home solutions.

Introducing Elementa 2: Trina Storage Unveils Advanced Energy Storage System powered by Trina's in-house Battery Cells

-Trina Storage launches Elementa 2, a new generation liquid-cooled energy storage system equipped with Trina's in-house cells. -The Elementa 2 has undergone extensive upgrades in cell, pack, and system capacity. These enhancements aim to achieve an optimal balance between capacity and cost, packed into a standardized 20ft container.

Star Charge at Key Energy Exhibition: Shaping the Future of e-Mobility and Sustainable Energy

Charging Station Solutions: Driving efficient and future-proof infrastructure with up to 97% power conversion efficiency, flexible DC fast charging line-up (30kW to 480kW), and over-the-air updates for optimized total cost of ownership.

RS Is Fueling the Future of Commercial EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charging infrastructure is only as good as the technology it's based on - all the way down to the component and device level, which is where RS shines.

24M Technologies Unveils Eternalyte™ - a Powerful New Electrolyte That Increases Cycle Life of Lithium-Metal Batteries

Combined, 24M ETOP™, Impervio™ and Eternalyte™ will create a low-cost, safe, high-energy density solution that will enable a lithium-metal EV battery pack that achieves 1,000 mile+ per charge

Why are Electric PRVs Replacing Self-Piloting Steam Regulators?

Warren Controls discusses the trend of electric modulating pressure-reducing valves (PRV) replacing traditional self-piloted regulators in steam systems.

Bloom Energy Introduces Load Following Capability to Enable Customers and Utilities to Meet Variable Electricity Load and Demand

"Be Flexible™" offering provides much-needed economical and sustainable solution for variable electricity load and demand with up to 50% cost savings, 50% carbon reduction at reduced load, and more than 5 times faster power ramp than legacy solutions for load following.

Three Domestic Energy Storage Supply Chain Trends for 2024

What are the latest supply chain trends? Energy storage manufacturers are building domestic supply chains and experimenting with new materials to bring about the future of clean energy.

The Rise of the Battery Binder Industry: Revolutionizing Energy Storage

Multifunctional battery binders have seen a significant rise in demand due to their various advantages and applications in the energy storage industry. Battery binders play a crucial role in the construction of lithium-ion batteries, as they help hold the active materials together and improve the battery's performance and safety.

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