Desay Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany

Desay Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar Welcomes Japan as 2025 Country Sponsor

The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar, taking place January 14-16, 2025, in Long Beach, California, is honored to announce Japan as the 2025 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar Country Sponsor.

Lithium Batteries for Renewable Energy Applications

Considering A Lithium Battery For Your Electrical Back-up Station? Here's Some Facts You Need To Know

Greening the Automotive Industry: Sustainable Practices in EV Battery Manufacturing

This article explores how advanced inspection systems are pivotal in driving these sustainable practices by enhancing manufacturing precision, reducing waste, and ultimately leading to more environmentally friendly production processes.

Eos Energy Successfully Launches Commercial Production on First State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Line

Company achieves critical Project AMAZE manufacturing milestone to meet future demand for long duration battery storage

Sila Raises $375M to Deliver Titan Silicon™ for Auto Series Production

Funding will secure plant completion in Q1, 2025 and delivery to auto customers in Q4, 2025

Trina Storage Launches Industry's Only Fully Wrapped Cell-to-AC Energy Storage Solution in North America

Elementa 2 Elevate Solution Meets Market Demand for Fully Wrapped, Safe, Reliable, and Lower-Cost Grid-Scale Systems

Nature's Generator Launches Universal Automatic 125-Amp 24 Space 48-Circuit Transfer Switch For Home Solar Power Integration

Sometimes Power Is Everything!

Is the Era of Solid-State EV Batteries on the Horizon?

Not only are solid-state batteries becoming more advanced, but they must keep EV momentum alive around the world. They are projected to become a reality by the end of the 2020s. More makers will attempt to create models to scale production and cut costs.

Zendure Launches Two Ultimate New Products, SolarFlow Hyper and SolarFlow Ace, at Intersolar DE 2024

-SolarFlow Hyper is the world's first multi-sets coordination plug-in solar system with a bidirectional AC-coupled storage solution -SolarFlow Ace is a versatile extension of SolarFlow for on and off-grid solution

Saft boosts density of its Energy Storage Systems and incorporates AI-enabled analytics

• Saft has strengthened its BESS offering with the announcement of a major step to offer containers with over 5 MWh storage capacity for production by 2026 • A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning feature has been added to the I-Sight monitoring platform to maximize availability of grid-scale ESS

European Heavy-duty Vehicle Decarbonization & Sustainability Summit 2024

this summit will deeply explore the development and challenges of heavy-duty vehicle carbon neutrality from the perspectives of the latest interpretation of heavy-duty vehicle carbon neutrality policies and regulations and market analysis, vehicle enterprise decarbonization measures and sustainable development strategies, upstream and downstream industry chain low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies and practices, and innovative heavy-duty vehicle carbon neutrality technologies.

VREMT is Showcasing Energy Storage and Charging Portfolios at The smarter E Europe, Laying the Groundwork for Globalization

. On the occasion, VREMT, themed around "EXTREME SAFETY, EXTREME HAPPINESS", will distinguish itself with a lineup of storage and charging portfolios, including residential energy storage products, charging products, and scenario-based integrated energy solutions, alongside scores of industry-leading residential energy storage products.

Summit to Convene Industry Leaders to Examine Future of EV Charging in the U.S.

The EV Charging Infrastructure Summit, July 15-17, 2024 in Chicago will feature presentations and discussion on the latest developments in EV charging and the challenges and opportunities posed by its expansion.


To facilitate this crucial exchange, the exhibition is accompanied by various lectures, presentations and discussions. The two major topics Smart Grids and Prosuming will be explored from a variety of perspectives and angles.

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