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Lithium Batteries for Renewable Energy Applications

Considering A Lithium Battery For Your Electrical Back-up Station? Here's Some Facts You Need To Know

Greening the Automotive Industry: Sustainable Practices in EV Battery Manufacturing

This article explores how advanced inspection systems are pivotal in driving these sustainable practices by enhancing manufacturing precision, reducing waste, and ultimately leading to more environmentally friendly production processes.

Is the Era of Solid-State EV Batteries on the Horizon?

Not only are solid-state batteries becoming more advanced, but they must keep EV momentum alive around the world. They are projected to become a reality by the end of the 2020s. More makers will attempt to create models to scale production and cut costs.

Securing the EV - Charging and Grid Battery Storage Infrastructure

EV charging stations need a broad range of engineered access hardware access panels on charging dispensers and power substations to protect valuable electronics from theft, vandalism, and outdoor weather conditions

Long Duration Energy Storage

Although there are several LDES technologies, A-CAES offers distinct advantages, including the ability to flexibly locate and at a scale that will enable the large-scale displacement of fossil fuels in energy systems.

ZapBatt Battery Operating System

Think of it not as a simple battery management system, but as more of an Android, Windows, or iOS for batteries. It’s a platform that breathes life into batteries, allowing them to fit within the designed parameters of any given product

Reducing the Risk of Battery Thermal Runaway

One solution to reducing the risk of a battery fire are infrared cameras. Infrared fire detection systems monitor large areas and are able to detect heat releasing from battery packs or single batteries.

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Join renowned specialists from around the world at HY-FCELL CANADA

At hy-fcell Canada, you'll have the unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of thought leaders and solution providers, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.

Solar EV Charging to Bypass the Grid: A US$2.5 Billion Market by 2034, Says IDTechEx

The South African utility grid is subject to frequent load-shedding, periods when demand exceeds supply, and utility operators are forced to impose rolling black or brownouts of up to 50% capacity.

ION Storage Systems Commissions One of the Country's Largest Solid-State Battery Manufacturing Facilities

The state-of-the-art battery production pilot line is expected to begin manufacturing 1MWh of battery cells this year, growing to 10MWh by early 2025 with a longer-term goal of 500MWh of capacity by 2028.

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Smartville wins DOE OCED $10M grant for long-duration energy storage

This funding supports Smartville's efforts to repurpose retired EV batteries by demonstrating their viability in diverse applications while creating an ecosystem of EV battery circularity.

Desay Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany

Desay Battery Showcases Cutting-Edge Energy Solutions at Smarter E Europe 2024 in Germany

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar Welcomes Japan as 2025 Country Sponsor

The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar, taking place January 14-16, 2025, in Long Beach, California, is honored to announce Japan as the 2025 Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar Country Sponsor.

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With engineered access solutions for electric vehicle charging equipment. Southco's engineered access hardware, including locks, latches and hinges can help Electric Vehicle (EV) charging manufactures to achieve high standards of equipment performance, usability and security, providing a seamless charging experience for drivers.

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