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Light Up the Land Where Solar and Hydro Meet at the World's Largest Hydro-Solar Hybrid Power Plant

On a snowy mountain at an altitude of 4600 meters in western Sichuan, rows of blue PV panels are generating electricity from solar energy, while the Yalong River is roaring in the distance. This land is brought to life by clean power where solar and hydro meet.

Trina Storage delivers 50MWh energy storage system for an integrated Fishery-Solar-Storage project in Hubei Province, China

The storage units have robust maintenance systems utilizing precision thermal management technology for uniform heat dissipation at rack level, leading to enhanced battery lifetime.

S-5! Corporate Headquarters Case Study

The south side features a 53kW solar array mounted with the company’s very own PVKIT direct-attach solar mounting solution. The PV system will provide 84 MWh annually—and together with energy-saving lighting and climate controls, up to 75% of the facility’s power.

The Bluetti EP800 Off-Grid Energy Storage System

Bluetti EP800 system is an off-grid energy storage system. It composes of an EP800 inverter and several B500 batteries. The system is also modular so homeowners can customize their own EP800 systems based on their own needs.

Integrating Renewable Energy in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

The energy demands of indoor farming can be substantial, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions and environmental strain. Enter renewable energy – a game-changing approach to powering CEA systems while reducing their carbon footprint.

From Challenge to Opportunity: Developing Sustainable Energy Solutions in Time

As we reach the halfway point since the 2030 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed in 2015, CEO of AW-Energy, Christopher Ridgewell, reflects on what has been achieved and the path ahead to 2030.

Advantages of an All-in-One Off Grid Energy Storage System

Our market research indicates that, out of the people shopping for off-grid systems, 64% want to buy a full system and only 36% want individual parts. 60% want the project to be DIY.

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Terabase Energy Completes First Commercial Deployment of Terafab™ Solar Construction Automation System

The benefits demonstrated by this project underscore the transformative potential of automation in advancing solar construction practices, enabling us to accelerate and de-risk our project pipeline

Riding the Rays: Sunswift Racing Shines in World Solar Challenge Race

The race runs nearly 1,900 miles over the course of about four days and pits challengers in a battle not for speed but for greatest energy efficiency.

Q&A - EagleView Announces SolarReady

As the demand for residential solar energy solutions continues to rise, one of the most pressing challenges facing homeowners, solar providers, and industry professionals is the suitability of solar installations for specific properties.

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PowMr Launches SOLXPOW Series, Revolutionizing the Renewable Energy Market

The SOLXPOW range, designed for both residential and commercial scenarios, promises to revolutionize the way energy is stored and utilized, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply and fostering sustainable energy practices.

Trina Solar to offer modules and trackers for 90MW PV power plants in Brazil

Under the agreement Trina Solar will supply high-performance Vertex DEG21-660W modules and Vanguard 1P solar trackers. Trina Solar is one of the top five solar tracker suppliers in Latin America, and is continuously striving to provide better value for clients' solar power plants.


The USD 447.8 million loan, the largest ever renewable energy USD loan by BNDES, will help Atlas Renewable Energy build the Vista Alegre Solar Plant.

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Thermal Seal Inspection for Improved Quality and Efficiency
Thermal Seal Inspection for Improved Quality and Efficiency

Thermal Seal Inspection for Improved Quality and Efficiency

MoviTHERM's Thermal Seal Inspection (TSI) solution provides precise and reliable detection of defects in a variety of packaging types, including pouches, bags, blister packs, bottle caps, and more. By detecting defects in your packages, the TSI solution helps increase efficiency in your production line and ensures top-quality packaging is delivered to your customers every time. With state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team, MoviTHERM is dedicated to delivering accurate inspection solutions and peace of mind to its clients. Contact MoviTHERM today to learn more about their thermal seal inspection solution.

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Panasonic Solar

Since 1918, Panasonic has powered more than a century of innovations with dependable, trusted technologies for everyday life. Panasonic authorized installers deliver best-in-class solar and battery storage technology with a hassle-free process to residential and small commercial customers. With their best-in-class EVERVOLT® solar panels and home batteries working together, the Panasonic Total Home Energy System lets homeowners produce and store their own energy for use now and later. All with zero emissions, zero worries and a comprehensive 25-year warranty on panels (12 years on battery storage).