The Most Sustainable High-Altitude Structure in the Country Features S-5! Snow Retention

Colorado's New Pikes Peak Visitor Center Now Complete

SunPower and Wallbox Team Up to Integrate Solar and Home Electric Vehicle Charging

-Strategic alliance enables SunPower to offer at-home EV charging as solar and EV adoption grow among like consumers -Homeowners can power EVs with electricity generated by their rooftop solar system, lowering household electricity costs and reducing strain on the grid

New floating wind turbine Projects and government initiatives to set the scene for the development of green energy

Floating wind turbine platforms are evolving as one of the most electrifying technical advances for the wind industry. The concept of floating wind turbine is highly gaining popularity over conventional offshore wind turbines as it offers numerous advantages. For starters, floating wind turbines are getting access to far-fetched wind resources over deep waters. Secondly, offshore wind witnesses numerous challenges, and one of the major challenges island resistances. The advent of floating wind turbines has minimized the challenge without competing for land. On top of these, floating wind turbines are cost-efficient as it requires less construction material. At the same time, it does not require marine engineering expertise for assembling.

Expansion, Mergers, and Grants to Propel Innovation and Installation of Wind Turbines Worldwide

The technological development to produce more efficient and reliable wind turbines is making wind power more cost-effective. Further, government initiative to discover alternative sources of energy and depleting natural resources of energy drives the global wind turbine market.

Sustainability Roundtable Strikes Partnership with LevelTen Energy to Help Medium-Sized Businesses Meet Ambitious Renewable Energy Goals

New partnership enables Sustainability Roundtable to source off-site renewable energy through the LevelTen Platform on behalf of clients participating in its Net Zero Consortium for Buyers

Q CELLS donates solar modules to hurricane-hit region in Colombia

The solar modules will be delivered to educational facilities used by about 5,600 students, to help contribute to power infrastructure restoration and education revitalization.

SolarPACES conference, Online Event, 27th of Solar Power& Chemical Energy Systems

SolarPACES conference is the foremost symposium for the who's who in concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems. It offers a forum for research, industry, politics and financing stakeholders within the framework of a scientific conference program with leading world experts.

Application of slewing drive in solar tracking system

In solar photovoltaic power generation, in order to maintain a certain angle between the photovoltaic panel and the sun's rays and maximize the absorption of solar radiation, a slewing drive/slew drive is needed to adjust the horizontal rotation and pitch angle of the photovoltaic panel.

Application Analysis Of Slewing Bearing In Tower Photothermal Power Generation

The pitch angle of the heliostat is adjusted with a linear actuator, the slewing bearing is used to support the entire heliostat rotating unit, at the same time is also responsible for adjusting the azimuth angle.

SolarEdge Launches Next Generation Inverters up to 120kW in North America

Reaching up to 120kW, SolarEdge's Three Phase Inverters with Synergy Technology are designed to provide more power and higher profitability in large-scale commercial and industrial (C&I) PV installations.

7MW of Community Solar is Now Online in Belfast, Maine

A 7MW community solar project in Belfast, Maine is now operational and providing clean energy to the utility grid.

Clean Energy Associates Partners with Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to Develop Supply Chain Traceability Protocol

Clean Energy Associates, in partnership with the US Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), is developing a Supply Chain Traceability Protocol to define common practices and expectations for the solar industry as part of an industry-wide effort to oppose forced labor.

The American Clean Power Association and the U.S. Energy Storage Association announce intent to merge

The merger will bring together the diverse membership and talented team members of ESA with the resources and reach of ACP. Additionally, it will enhance the American Clean Power Association's efforts to advocate for the economic and environmental advantages of the clean power economy and further position the renewable energy and storage industries for success as they move into a decade of transformative growth.

Bloom Energy and Heliogen Join Forces to Harness the Power of the Sun to Produce Low-Cost Green Hydrogen

By combining near 24/7 carbon-free power and steam, generated by Heliogen's Sunlight Refinery solar power generation system, with Bloom Energy's highly efficient solid oxide electrolyzer, the companies will produce green hydrogen that can replace fossil-derived fuels in commercial and industrial applications.

How Solar Control Window Films Have Made Office Buildings More Energy Efficient

Solar control window films help reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that penetrate clear glass windows in office buildings, making the areas near the windows more comfortable for employees. The film also reduces solar heat gain, which can throw a building's HVAC system out of whack through uneven building temperatures.

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Solar & Wind - Featured Product

Tigo’s New TS4-A-M (Monitoring) & TS4-A-S (Safety)

Tigo's New TS4-A-M (Monitoring) & TS4-A-S (Safety)

Tigo will announce the new product launch of the patented UHD-Core TS4-A (Advanced Retrofit/Add-on) Platform at SPI 2019. The new TS4-A-M (Monitoring) & TS4-A-S (Safety) units have improved lightweight hardware and lower labor costs to address a range of functions and budgets. The TS4-A-M allows module-level monitoring via Tigo's SMART Website & App. The TS4-A-S is UL-certified as a rapid shutdown solution for residential and C&I PV system. Both units join the Tigo's multivendor solution that works with almost any inverter and smart module in the global PV market. Contact for pricing, shipping, and availability in Q4'19.