Using Solar-Powered Flood Monitoring Systems to Make New York City Safer

Through a pilot program underway in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, solar design firm Voltaic Systems is working with NYC's FloodNet cooperative to potentially bring greater security to neighborhoods throughout the metropolitan area.

Demolition Ranch HQ, Boerne, Texas―Case Study

Due to the ranch's remote location, the owner wished to build an off-the-grid building featuring a 3.84kW rooftop solar array together with a battery storage system to power the building. The rooftop solar modules are secured in place using the ProteaBracketTM by S-5!

Renewable Energy Solutions with Intermountain Wind & Solar

This installation just down the street from Weber State University maximizes solar panel placement to offset the energy needs of the newly constructed five-story apartment building in the scenic Gardens neighborhood on 40th Street.

Making a Splash With Solar Energy

The initial pull test and geotechnical report showed no traces of underground rock. However, during the installation, our crew found a vein of shale approximately two to three feet down on certain segments of the site.

Innovative solution: Solar power generation in urban areas

In a pilot project, the first solar cycle path roofing was put into operation in the German city of Freiburg. In densely populated areas, this project demonstrates the coexistence of traffic surfaces and solar energy generation with extremely durable glass-glass PV modules

Changing the Future of Energy

To deploy advanced energy storage systems, Renu works with global innovator LG Electronics. In fact, Renu is one of the "LG PRO" installer members.

Elevating Solar's Potential When PV Seems Out of Reach

When the owner of a mobile home park decided to bring solar energy to its residents, there were steep challenges to face. The Northern California community wanted to lower electric bills for its disadvantaged residents while generating clean energy.

Qcells approved design: solar+storage solution for renowned Italian winemaker,

A 40 kW Qcells solar array, installed at Quintodecimo's family-run vineyard in Southern Italy, is supported by a 48 kWh onsite battery storage system that provides a round-the-clock backup solution to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted wine-making process.

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Shines Bright: Innovative Inverter Solution Solves Design Challenges for 108kW Solar Installation

Pitt-Bradford rooftop solar installation forecast to produce 116,500 kWh of electricity each year, offsetting approximately 40% of the building's electricity use

BENY's 1500V DC Power Transmission and Distribution Solution Empowers the World's Largest Solar PV Power Station

Recently, the world's largest 7GW Solar PV power station in Qinghai Province's upper reaches of the Yellow River, invested by China National Energy Investment Group, successfully connected to the grid.

Community Solar Project at Carraway Apartments

The challenge was finding the right provider that could deliver a project that generates substantial clean energy and offers significant value without sacrificing parking availability.

Daytona Beach Puts EV Charger in the Fast Lane

IMSA has built an off-grid Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Station to demonstrate the viability of EV solar charging technology.

RoofScreen Tops Starbucks' First Solar Powered Store

"Adding a RoofScreen is often a great alternative to vertically extending a parapet wall during construction, as it is often less expensive and more feasible."

Shungnak, Alaska Microgrid Offsets Costly Diesel for the Village

The solar and energy storage system offset the fuel consumption of the diesel generators, reducing sound and carbon pollution and lowering the overall cost of energy for the community.

Ease of Use and Versatility Win the Day for RBS Solar

In the fall of 2022, Robert Scibelli, founder of Los Angeles-based RBS Solar, searched for a more innovative way to install solar panels on a new home for an important customer.

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