What's holding back hydrogen? Making green hydrogen viable requires a global effort

Despite a constantly growing list of hydrogen-fueled projects across the energy, manufacturing and automotive sectors, the molecule's potential seems to be lagging.

Evolution of Raw Materials in Green Hydrogen Production: A Comparative Analysis of Current Trends and Technologies

Recognized for its versatility and potential as a clean energy carrier, hydrogen is poised to address the energy requirements of various sectors, including heavy industry, transportation, and power generation.

IDTechEx Reports on Hydrogen's Decade Ahead: Energizing the Future

A cohesive value chain is essential for realizing hydrogen's potential, encompassing low-carbon hydrogen production, storage, and distribution infrastructure, which align with end-user demand.

H2 Clipper Achieves Major Advanced "Swarm Robotics" Breakthrough For Large Scale Airship Manufacturing

This foundational robotics patent using advanced "swarm robotics" achieves radical reductions of cost and quantum advances in manufacturing techniques for a wide variety of applications-including large scale lighter than air airships.

Harnessing hydrogen to power HGVs - Is hydrogen the solution to HGVs' emission problem?

FCEVs generate power using proton exchange membrane fuel cells. As hydrogen and oxygen react to produce an electrical current, the only by-products of the process are heat and water, meaning FCEVs do not emit greenhouse gases.

[H2] Hydrogen Home

This demonstration home by SoCalGas is a first of its kind, using solar, storage, an electrolyzer, and the Ageto ARC microgrid controller to convert solar energy to hydrogen.

China's first hydrogen-powered ship makes maiden voyage

The vessel has a steel-aluminum composite structure with a total length of 49.9 meters, a beam of 10.4 meters, and a draft of 3.2 meters. Powered by a 500 kW hydrogen fuel cell, the ship has a maximum cruise range of 200 kilometers.

Mitsubishi Power Marks Successful Validation, Installation and Operation of Large-Scale Electrolyzers

The First commercial operation of the 5.5 MW electrolyzer slated for the Advanced Clean Energy Storage Project in Utah demonstrates Mitsubishi Power's unique approach to ensuring its technology is fully tested in real-world conditions before entering commercial operation

Predictive Model Could Improve Hydrogen Station Availability

With relatively few choices, motorists who rely on hydrogen must be confident their needed fuel is available. Station operators must make any necessary repairs to meet the demands of consumers, but they also must investigate the causes of any failures to avoid future problems.

EnerVenue Launches the Next Generation of its Energy Storage Vessels™ (ESVs)

With significant increases to energy capacity, density, and power-as well as improved monitoring intelligence and temperature performance-the new ESVs offer an even more advantageous stationary storage solution

HY-FCELL CANADA, Jun 05 - 07 2023, Vancouver, Canada

The exhibition will focus on hydrogen generation and infrastructure, fuel cell components and systems, their production technology, and application areas for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies, along with research, development and specialized services.

Producing Low-cost Green Hydrogen Using Renewable Energy

NewHydrogen's oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalyst replaces iridium with low cost, earth-abundant materials that meet or exceed the performance characteristics of iridium.

Constellation Starts Production at Nation's First One Megawatt Demonstration Scale Nuclear-Powered Clean Hydrogen Facility

State-of-the-art facility will demonstrate the value of producing hydrogen with carbon-free nuclear energy to help address the climate crisis

The Hydrogen Future of the Automotive Market - Could Hydrogen Decarbonise Transport?

Despite the growing maturity of the sector, hydrogen technologies still need considerable development in order to reach net zero targets and to become a viable fuel source for automotive applications.

The Hydrogen Catalyst to the EV Revolution - is Hydrogen Key to the Net Zero EV Rollout?

If a renewable source is used to produce electricity, then this creates an entirely carbon-neutral hydrogen fuel, known as green hydrogen.

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