Electriq Power's Flagship Residential Battery System Now OpenADR 2.0b-Certified

Certificate of System Conformance Enhances Capabilities of the Company's Fleet of PowerPod Systems

Blink and SG Blocks Enter Into Strategic Master Development and Production Agreement to Bring Solar, Off-grid, Modular EV Charging Solutions to Market

- Provides for Cooperative Deployment of Charging Stations with Energy Storage to Support Growing Demand for Electric Vehicles

UL Launches UL 9540A Database to Recognize Manufacturers Who Have Completed Testing for Their Energy Storage Systems

The database allows manufacturers that have had their cell, module, unit or installation evaluated for thermal runaway fire propagation by UL to share the data in three ways: the model number with contact information to obtain more test details, the UL 9540A report summary or the full test report.

Why This Overlooked Li-Ion Battery Component is So Crucial

Nickel's major advantage in battery applications is that it delivers a higher energy density and greater storage capacity at a lower cost than other metals. In li-ion battery production, there are two types of cathode chemistries dependent on this material.

Breakthrough in Battery Longevity with Nano One's Cobalt Free High Voltage Materials

Dr. Stephen Campbell, CTO of Nano One Materials (TSXV: NNO) (OTC Pink: NNOMF) (FSE: LBMB) (Nano One), announced that Nano One has developed a breakthrough in longevity for a cobalt free high voltage battery that has been successfully demonstrated at automotive rates of charge and discharge for over 900 cycles.

Green power deal supercharges Lotus' net-zero ambitions

British Gas Business and Lotus agree new green energy supply deal - the first step in a partnership announced with Centrica to decarbonise the legendary sports car maker.

Wallbox announces Supernova, a next generation fast public charger that offers greater efficiency and higher performance at half the cost

Supernova offers up to 65 kW of power, adding 125 miles of range in under 30 minutes while delivering improved performance at half the price

REPORT: Stimulus Investments in Advanced Energy Sector Would Deliver More Than $350 Billion to Illinois Economy

Analysis shows $45 billion in stimulus investment would add $357 billion to Illinois' gross state product, an eight-fold return on investment, increase tax revenues, create millions of jobs, and deliver annual savings to consumers

The EV revolution needs lithium, California has it

New Energy Nexus report details how lithium recovery from the geothermal industry in California's Salton Sea can anchor a sustainable domestic EV battery supply chain, injecting billions into the local and regional economy

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Market to witness steady growth of 38% during 2020-2026

With increasing global emphasis on lessening human impact on the environment from carbon emissions, the fuel cell electric vehicle market growth is expected to pick up tremendous speed over the coming years.

Soteria Battery Innovation Group Signs Exclusive License and Option for a Battery Safety Technology by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The licensed technology is for electrodes and foils for lithium ion batteries that are designed to break in a pre-defined geometry when the battery is physically damaged, effectively isolating the damaged part.

Fuel Cell Companies Expanding Reach with New Products and Broader Vision

As we celebrate National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day on October 8th, it seems appropriate to take a look back over some of the new products introduced over the last year that have helped enforce the impact and potential fuel cell and hydrogen technologies can make on the world.

Insight Power Partners launches to advance an inclusive clean energy economy

Witnessing how superstorms, mega-fires and a global pandemic are reshaping our world, three former GRID Alternatives executive directors launch new initiative to address systemic issues fueling climate change and build an equitable clean energy future

Full speed ahead: advancements in EVs and charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) and the wider electric transportation has gone from strength to strength in the past decade. Over the next five years, a total of eight million drivers in the UK will switch to hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs) according to CompareTheMarket, driving demand for robust charging infrastructure. Here, Steve Hughes, managing director of transport power quality specialist REO UK, explores how the industry is shaping up for the 2020s.

Dürr expands market access in battery manufacturing technology

Cooperation with Japanese coating specialist Techno Smart

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