Creating a New Benchmark for Long-duration Lithium Battery Energy Storage -- Global Debut of EVE Energy's Mr. Flagship Series

EVE Energy unveiled its CTT technology as early as October 2022 and is one of the pioneering |in the field of long-duration lithium battery energy storage.

LG Energy Solution to Invest in Promising U.S. Lithium Metal Battery Technology Startup, Solidifying Leadership in Next-Generation Battery Technology

-LG Energy Solution announces equity investment in Sion Power, an Arizona-based startup that holds core patents for lithium metal battery technologies -The latest investment is part of company's dedication to open innovation, joining efforts with competent partners to tackle technological challenges

TOPBAND Showcased "PV-ESS-EV Charging" Solutions at Intersolar North America 2024, Leading the Development of the New Energy Industry

TOPBAND demonstrated solutions for key scenarios, including residential, commercial and industrial applications. It fully displayed TOPBAND's ability to integrate its core technologies across cells, cloud, PCS, BMS and EMS(1C1C3S).

Tigo Energy Delivers Integrated, Solar-Optimized Residential EV Charging for the German Market

GO EV Charger is an electric vehicle charging station that works seamlessly with the Tigo EI Residential Solution, delivering integrated EV infrastructure for homeowners.

World's most advanced battery energy storage system comes online, speeding Hawaii's transition to 100% renewable energy

The KES battery project, located on 8 acres of industrial land on the southwest side of Oahu near Honolulu, uses 158 Tesla Megapack 2 XL lithium iron phosphate batteries, each roughly the size of a shipping container.

TurnOnGreen Teams Up with Endliss Power to Exhibit at the InterSolar and Energy Storage North America Conference and Trade Show

TurnOnGreen will be exhibiting with California-based renewable energy solutions provider, Endliss Power, at booth #2248 from January 17-19, 2024, at the San Diego Convention Center.

Battery Storage is Going Mainstream: A How to Guide to Make it Happen

Overloaded energy grids are increasingly in the news. Battery storage is an important factor to stabilize the grid. This report from PowerLutions gives a detailed accounting on how to make battery storage mainstream by making it affordable and ubiquitous.

ESS Technology to Demonstrate Value of Long-Duration Energy Storage in Military Applications

Project with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center highlights opportunity for LDES to reduce diesel consumption and improve energy resilience in remote applications

Green Wheels, Bright Skies: NREL Analysis Unveils the Connection Between Electric Vehicles and Photovoltaics

People who own electric vehicles (EVs) are more likely to go a step further and add solar panels to their home, according to an analysis of a behavioral study by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

KORE Power Kicks off 2024 With Launch of Two U.S.-Manufactured DC Blocks

All-in-one modular energy storage solutions will accelerate American storage deployment, advance BESS safety and support US manufacturing

NineDot Energy Raises $225 Million in Equity Financing to Build and Operate Distributed Battery Energy Storage Projects

-Global investor Manulife Investment Management provides capital to support NineDot's continued growth and pipeline execution -Carlyle commits additional capital to NineDot, following an initial investment from December 2021

Acculon Energy Unveils Revolutionary Sodium-Ion Battery Products

The sodium-ion-based products are part of a larger roster of advanced battery systems, all designed and developed to create certainty in time-to-market and product certification while granting hardware and software flexibility to suit a range of application specifications.

The World's First EV Powered by Farasis Energy's Sodium-ion Batteries Rolls Off the Assembly Line

A Milestone for the EV Industry, Signaling the Dawn of the Sodium Battery Era

dcbel to receive $52M+ courtesy of California Energy Commission V2X grant

Significant funding opens new avenues of collaboration between dcbel and other next-generation residential energy companies.

24M® Introduces ImpervioTM - a Separator Technology That Delivers Unprecedented Safety Improvements for Lithium Batteries

ImpervioTM Promises to Eliminate Mass Recalls by Suppressing Dendrites While Also Detecting and Preventing Internal Shorts

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