Octillion Power Systems Debuts Innovative, New EV Battery-Leasing Plan

Batteries can now be leased to fleet customers when they purchase vehicles, addressing common concerns regarding EV purchases

Blink and SemaConnect Announce Interoperability Making Electric Vehicle Charging More Accessible for Drivers Nationwide

Blink and SemaConnect customers will be able to seamlessly roam between charging networks without the need for additional cards or accounts.

ChargePoint Secures Additional $127 Million in Funding

New investment positions ChargePoint for record growth with $660 million in total funding, enabling the most comprehensive global EV charging platform for businesses and fleets

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Powered by Ballard Have Now Driven Over 50 Million Kilometers - Enough to Circle the Globe 1,250 Times

Ballard Power Systems today announced that the Company's proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology and products have now powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in commercial Heavy- and Medium-Duty Motive applications for an industry-leading cumulative total of more than 50 million kilometers.

A new 3900 electric vehicle study, The Geography of EV Charging, reveals how regional climates impact charging and driving behavior

A new data-driven study outlines the complexity of electric vehicle charging behavior and indicates that utility companies need to take seasonal temperate and climate into consideration. Further analysis of the world's largest electric vehicle data set by FleetCarma, a division of Geotab, showcases that EV charging and driving behavior is highly nuanced and must be examined at a territory specific level.

Cornwall Insight comments on National Grid's 2020 Future Energy Scenarios

The latest FES highlight just how dramatically the energy landscape will change in the coming decades. It is clear that existing and new technologies can be deployed to achieve Net Zero by 2050, with three of the four scenarios showing pathways to accomplish this.

US Battery Evaluates Expanding Market Reach Based on Gridtential Energy Silicon Joule™ Technology

Under the terms of the agreement, US Battery and Gridtential Energy will industrialize bipolar plate pasting and curing processes. Additionally, Silicon Joule™ bipolar AGM (absorptive glass mat) batteries will be assembled and tested, using US Battery active material to drive further improvements in cycle life, energy density, battery efficiency, charging rates and manufacturability.

Q CELLS creates smart link between green electricity and electromobility with new EDRIVE charger

A solar system on the roof, battery storage in the basement and an electric car in the garage: a growing green reality as more and more people take charge of their own personal energy and mobility turnaround. With its intelligent charging station Q.HOME EDRIVE, and flexible electricity tariff Q.ENERGY Smart, Q CELLS offers the perfect combination for charging electric cars cleanly and economically.

Blink Charging and EnerSys Collaborate To Develop High Power Inductive/Wireless and Enhanced DC Fast Charging Systems with Energy Storage Options for the Automotive Market

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two companies includes joint research and development to commercialize EnerSys' patented energy transfer technology combined with Blink's patent-pending wireless parking bumper and DCFC technology to create faster, more efficient EV charging options with integrated energy storage solutions.


The innovation hub The smarter E is as present as ever in 2020, driving progress on the central issues of the new energy world - now with a number of additional digital formats. The next online event in the series "The smarter E goes digital" has a lot to offer the energy storage community. On July 29, 2020, the first ees Innovation Day will explore the latest market and technology trends in the global energy storage industry, with product presentations on-stage and in the expo area, opportunities to network with international energy storage experts and business representatives, and high-caliber keynote speakers from BloombergNEF and RWTH Aachen University.

UK energy consultancy Enzen sets course for 100% growth by mid-2021

New UK and Europe Head aspires to accelerate UK's green recovery


Experience of doubling the world's largest residential fleet of batteries drives international appetite for smart charging

Project HyTime Demonstrates Potential for Major CO2 Savings from Hydrogen Dual Fuel

ULEMCo and Partners Call for Urgent Infrastructure Development

NanoGraf Receives $1.65 Million from U.S. Department of Defense to Improve the Batteries that Power Soldiers' Missions

Development of graphene-wrapped silicon anode cells can enable longer equipment runtime, keeping U.S. soldiers safer in the field.

Total capacity of small-scale PV and battery storage predicted to reach 32GW by 2030

Cornwall Insight Australia's projections show that based on the current trajectory of small-scale PV systems and associated battery storage assets, the National Electricity Market (NEM) is already on the path to a very high Distributed Energy Resources (DER) scenario seen in Energy Networks Australia's Open Energy Network Project position paper (OpEN Paper).

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