Clarity called for over Environment Agency's looming ESOS fines for businesses hit by pandemic

Advantage Utilities highlights need for clarity over £50,000 plus £500 per day non-compliance fines during times of uncertainty

sonnen introduces the sonnenCore, a new all-in-one, affordable home battery for every home

The first-of-its-kind, all-in-one sonnen home battery solution makes the company's proven, long-lasting and safe home battery technology even more accessible to all energy storage customers.

Building Sustainable and Smart Energy Infrastructures with Wi-Fi HaLow Technology

The higher demands for long-range connectivity and low power requirements for many IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications are ushering in Wi-Fi HaLow at an increasingly faster rate this year and for the years ahead.

Hartford Control Offers Performance Management Solutions To Improve Overall Manufacturing Efficiency

Harford Control is a globally trusted provider of manufacturing performance management solutions, which cover vision inspection to average quantity control.

What Are The Dangers Of Buying Counterfeit Batteries For Your Medical Devices

Medical devices are crucial in providing medical services as well as in monitoring patients. These devices should be of high quality and should be powered by genuine battery packs.

Scanifly, Leading Drone-Based 3D Modelling Platform for Solar Companies, Certified by California Energy Commission (CEC) as the Only Drone-Based Solution for Shading in the Golden State

Scanifly's platform helps solar contractors determine dimensions, pitch and azimuth and automate the design process

Invenergy Powers Daily Life with Largest Solar Project in the U.S.

1,310-megawatt Samson Solar Energy Center supports sustainability goals for AT&T, Honda, McDonald's, Google and The Home Depot

STI Norland continues international expansion with a new subsidiary in Australia

The Spanish PV manufacturer is one of the world's largest suppliers of solar trackers

China Sets Its Sights On Global EV Dominance

China, is looking to become a dominant player in the rising global ev market. Chinese EV manufacturers are expected to start expanding overseas, while Beijing already controls a large part of the global EV supply chain, beginning with critical minerals processing.

New Survey Finds More Countries Turning to Macro Grids to Enable Energy Transition

A global survey of Macro Grids conducted by Iowa State University shows countries around the world are scaling up their electric grids in order to tap low-cost domestic and foreign renewable resources, grow their economies, and strengthen security

AWEA Releases 2021 Clean Energy Road Map

100-Day Plan details pathway to unlocking economic growth, achieving rapid renewable energy deployment to reach clean energy and climate targets

Multi-Sector Coalition Urges Congress to Include Support For Clean Energy and Clean Transportation in Must-Pass Legislation This Year

In a letter delivered to U.S. House and Senate leadership today, 45 organizations and companies spanning the environmental, conservation, clean energy, public health and faith communities are urging support for clean energy and clean transportation in must-pass legislation this year.

NREL Advanced Manufacturing Research Moves Wind Turbine Blades Toward Recyclability

A new material for wind blades that can be recycled could transform the wind industry, rendering renewable energy more sustainable than ever before while lowering costs in the process.

Emissions and Coal Have Peaked as Covid-19 Saves 2.5 Years of Emissions, Accelerates Energy Transition

BloombergNEF's New Energy Outlook 2020 sees total oil demand peaking in 2035, and growth in clean energy technology - yet, world still heading for 3.3-degree temperature rise

Spruce Acquires Two Residential Solar Portfolios, Increases Holdings to More than 330 MW

Continued expansion aided by additional $150 million debt facility

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OMNISTAR GAS ANALYZER - Fast accurate analysis from % to sub-ppm in a compact, turnkey benchtop system.

The Pfeiffer Vacuum OmniStar benchtop analysis system offers you a compact footprint, powerful software and Ethernet connectivity. It's the optimum solution for many real-time gas analysis applications. With the OmniStar, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers you a complete solution for gas analysis, in chemical processes, semiconductor industry, metallurgy, fermentation, catalysis, laser technology and environmental analysis. The turnkey OmniStar gas analysis system consists of heated, temperature-regulated gas inlet system, Quadrupole mass spectrometer, a dry diaphragm vacuum pump and HiPace turbopump. Unlike competing methods such as FTIR, OmniStar is suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of most gases.