ACORE Statement on the Clean Energy for America Act

Statement From Gregory Wetstone, President and CEO of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE):

Ecoppia's Advanced Robotic Technology Now Powers Automated Solar Panel Cleaning at AES California Site

Ecoppia's water-free robotic cleaning technology performs fully automated nightly cleaning of solar modules to ensure peak performance year round

SolAero Technologies' Solar Panel Powers NASA's Mars Helicopter - Ingenuity

The solar panel for Ingenuity was manufactured in SolAero's state-of-the-art production facility in Albuquerque, NM. The panel is populated with SolAero's industry-leading, 33.0% efficient IMM (Inverted Metamorphic Multi-junction) class of solar cells that generate in excess of 10% more power than other space solar cells in production today.

4th Mega Clima Nigeria Expo - The Largest HVAC+R Sector Show of West Africa!!! Mega Clima Nigeria Expo 2021: 4th International Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Exhibition which is organized by Elan Expo will be hold on 8-10 September 2021 at Landmark Ce

Mega Clima Expo is on the Stage in Lagos - Nigeria for the 4th Time Elan Expo is on Lagos again with its worldwide HVAC Shows brand Mega Clima Expo; 4th Mega Clima Nigeria Expo on 8-10 September 2021 with the product line of Refrigeration Systems & Components, Installation Systems, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems & Equipment, Heating Systems & Equipment, Water Purification, Treatment Systems & Equipment, Insulation Materials Service Groups.

Mocean Energy unveils wave energy prototype

• Wave machine to undergo sea trials in Orkney next month. • Plan to power undersea equipment for use in offshore operations.

Sionic Energy Launches to Commercialize Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Battery Cells for Mobility and Consumer Electronic Applications

Formerly NOHMs Technologies, the company combines proprietary electrolyte with a newly developed silicon anode design for a low-cost, high-performance and safer lithium-ion battery


LG Solar Modules Deliver High Efficiency, Sleek Aesthetic and Long-Term Reliability to 'New American Home' and 'New American Remodel'

Energix, RPCS Partner to Complete over 90MW of Solar Tracker Projects

RPCS has partnered with Energix for the installation of trackers at three of Energix's solar projects, Hollyfield II (17MW), Mt. Jackson (22MW), Buckingham II (28MW), and Leatherwood (25MW), and intends to collaborate on two additional projects, totaling approximately 50MW.

Schneider Electric Solar Opens Online Store

-Customers can now purchase Schneider Electric's solar products from their Solar online store -The shoppers can expect modern online shopping experiences such as mobile access, flexible shipping, stock levels, and customer reviews -The North American store ships to the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada

Q CELLS supplies 287 MW of modules for large-scale solar project in Angola

Hundreds of thousands of solar panels from Q CELLS are being installed across two sites in Angola, forming the backbone of a 370 MW PV project that will become the largest in sub-Saharan Africa once completed.

European market value for connected climate control tech tops 718M€ last year,

20 April 2021, Edinburgh, UK: Delta-EE, the specialist new energy market research consultancy, today releases its Connected Homes; State of the Market 2021 report that reveals connected climate control expenditure reached €718 million - up 10% versus 2019. Approximately 4.4m devices were sold in 2020, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secretary Granholm Announces Winners of Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenges

Competitors Represent the Next Generation of Energy-Savvy Architects and Engineers Who Will Build Our Clean Energy Future

Report: Clean Energy Now Employs 3 Million Americans

• Clean energy sees first recorded drop in overall jobs, yet policies hold promise for unparalleled growth in years ahead • Sector recovered 300,000 jobs since unemployment peaked in Q2 • Clean vehicles and wind energy finish year in the positive, despite early losses

Virtual event promises world-leading EMC insights

The UK's only independent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) show, EMC & Compliance International, is hosting a unique virtual event beginning on May 19, 2021 that will remain open to attendees until the end of June 2021. The event will feature two days of exhibitor presentations and live workshops on May 19 and 20, with recordings and informational resources accessible until June 30, 2021. Registration is now open on the EMC UK website.


The binary unit will use the geothermal brine of two existing flash power plants onsite to produce additional power and enhance the exploitation of the geothermal field

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OMNISTAR GAS ANALYZER - Fast accurate analysis from % to sub-ppm in a compact, turnkey benchtop system.

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