Solar Tax Credits Make Now The Time To Buy

In late 2014, Congress passed and President Obama signed an "omnibus spending bill" that extends the solar investment tax credit (ITC) for five more years through 2021. With this tax credit, the solar industry is sure to be on firm footing for many more years.

Context and Implications

One industry leader commented that this bill reaffirms Americas commitment to clean energy, and could spur up to $125 billion in new private-sector solar investment. This represents a continuation in the exponential growth of the industry in recent years.

This news also comes on the heels of the recent conference on climate change in Paris, which expressed a global goal to limit temperature increases to two degrees Celsius until the end of the century; reducing dependence on fossil fuels is a key step to achieving that goal. This tax credit is the first step America has taken to work towards reducing its carbon emissions.

"The multiple-year extension of the Investment Tax Credit is good for your wallet, job creation and the environment," says Bill Finch, founder of Alternative Energy, Inc. "The 30% tax credit applies to residential and commercial solar installation AND portable solar generators used for home and business. Call us at 1-484-593-4262. Well explain how the tax credit works and even help you with the paperwork."

So all of thats great, but what does it mean for me?
Alt En Solar Save Thousands So all of thats great but what does it mean for me?
A healthier bottom line. Consider the SUNRNR solar generator, the sticker price of which is $4195. With a 30% tax credit, that brings the price under $3000, a savings of over $1200! Even with shipping, that still represents a savings of 27% off the already discounted Altern-Energy price, and 31% off the manufacturers price. With all the energy you will save from "the grid", it is a smart investment to make now given the new tax credit.

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As fickle as our legislators can be, waiting to invest in this clean source of renewable energy could cost you -- act now for the best savings. Call us today at 484-593-4262 to discuss the best solar solutions for your energy needs.

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