Will Redox Flow Batteries be a Widely Deployed Energy Storage Technology

As the penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE) sources into electricity grids increases globally, so will the need to manage more uncertain and variable electricity supply.

RE+ 2023: The Largest Clean Energy Event in North America attracts 40K attendees

With an outstanding lineup of speakers, innovative products and services, and immersive experiences, RE+ 2023 showcased its position as the pinnacle event of the industry.

U.S. grid-scale energy storage installations set new record in Q2 2023

The grid-scale segment drove the market and achieved 172% growth quarter-over-quarter. California dominated activity, with 738 megawatts (MW) and a 49% share of installed capacity.

Offshore Wind Industry Poised for Growth, but Economic Pressures and Tech Innovation Need to Be Managed

Speed of build-out is creating pressure on materials and supply chains, port infrastructure, and available construction and maintenance vessels. Bigger turbines and new technology drive bigger exposures for insurers which need to be understood in partnership with developers.

Harnessing the Flow of Battery Energy Storage Systems

The volatility of renewable prices and sourcing requires reliable storage solutions. One proven method is megawatt-level BESS and demand, stabilizing grids, preventing renewable energy waste, and encouraging innovation.

Predictive Model Could Improve Hydrogen Station Availability

With relatively few choices, motorists who rely on hydrogen must be confident their needed fuel is available. Station operators must make any necessary repairs to meet the demands of consumers, but they also must investigate the causes of any failures to avoid future problems.


The growing demand for renewable energies and efficient, sustainable solutions has already sparked innovative ideas aplenty. Parking lot PV is one example that combines functionality with the power of solar energy.

Combination of Stressors Key to Testing Perovskite Solar Cells

Solar cells must endure a set of harsh conditions-often with variable combinations of changing stress factors-to judge their stability, but most researchers conduct these tests indoors with a few fixed stressing conditions.

Tigo Energy Launches the GO Line of Solar and Storage Energy Products

Starting with a complete Energy Storage System (ESS), Tigo GO products bring a new level of performance, intuitive installation, compatibility, and control to solar and storage markets.

Zeitview Reveals 51% of Large-Scale U.S. Solar Plants are in 'Excellent' or 'Good' Condition

Zeitview's asset condition ratings, from AAA to DDD, are leveraged to identify and triage areas of most significant need, saving time and money for asset owners and maximizing labor resources.

EnerVenue Launches the Next Generation of its Energy Storage Vessels™ (ESVs)

With significant increases to energy capacity, density, and power-as well as improved monitoring intelligence and temperature performance-the new ESVs offer an even more advantageous stationary storage solution

BLUETTI Presents a Comprehensive Comparison: Solar Generators vs. Fuel Generators in the Renewable Energy Landscape

This article undertakes a comprehensive comparison of these two alternatives to empower you in making a well-informed decision.

Cargill and BAR Technologies' Ground-Breaking Wind Technology Sets Sail, Chartering a New Lower-Carbon Path for the Maritime Industry

A collaboration between Cargill, BAR Technologies, Mitsubishi Corporation and Yara Marine Technologies has the potential to decarbonize cargo vessels by up to 30 percent

NREL Analysis Reveals Benefits of Hydropower for Grid-Scale Energy Storage

Pumped storage hydropower stands out as an established technology, but limited information is available about greenhouse gas emissions associated with its use.

Can We Use Underwater Battery Storage for Offshore Wind Farms?

Wind power decreases global carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.1 billion tons annually and is gaining popularity as an energy source. As many countries ramp up their offshore wind production, there is a mounting need for durable underwater batteries.

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