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CanadElectrochim is a small company specializes in research and development. One important research area is the oxygen reduction reaction which is important in many kinds of fuel cell. CanadElectrochim discovered one of the main causes of low efficiency of polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEMFC). CanadElectrochim also discovered the optimum morphology of the catalyst layer that can operate at very low platinum loading. CanadElectrochim also conduct extensive research on the use of Electrolyser that produces hydrogen by water splitting and investigate the crossing of metal ions across the membrane. CanadElectrochim also investigating ways and means to improve the efficiency of transition metal oxide toward using photosynthesis to split water.

Mailing Address:
2019 30th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T3E 2L6

Tel: 14034673552



Company Category: EVs and Fuel Cells

Company Sector: Consultant

Keywords: Fuel Cell, ORR , Catalyst, electrolyser

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